You Just Sugarcoated Pain

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Please tell me, deep down, is being in love all we search for in our limited time life? Do you not want success and independence or to be dependent on someone you know one day might get up and leave you.. Read further into my piece to find out more.

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



Being in love is like becoming blind by choice. Love allows you to darken the things that use to matter until they disappear. It creates an illusion that no matter where you are or what you do, everything will be okay because you can always depend on that one person you love and that one person will never leave you because love ‘conquers all’.


The harsh reality of love is basically the word ‘pain’ dipped in a jar of sugar. Humans today need to open they’re eyes and realize that in todays generation it’s not all about love. Its about you, your health, your finances and depending on yourself. Don’t start to fail in high school or college just because your heart was broken. Lift your chin up, chest out and walk like you are bullet proof. Be a soldier. Be successful in your career and become high in love with yourself. Independence is one of the greatest traits you could gain.

There is no need to not be part of the system, make your own path and do it the right way. Yes, life is short but doesn’t mean do drugs, party hard, be jobless and rely on welfare.  Today is all about money so instead of trying to resist it, go and earn your own.


Being in love makes you forget the reason you were brought into this world as an individual, it takes away the chances of dreaming of what you want to be.

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