Desperation and Denial

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A short account on two features of human emotion

Submitted: November 16, 2015

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Submitted: November 16, 2015



After the beginning stages of Commitment, vulnerability, fear, and mystery, the stages of desperation and denial soon follow. After the emotional roller-coasters of a heartbreak occur and you are presented with the facts foreshadowing the misery and the realizations of reality in which after it occurs, many us our kind fall into a pit of desperate denial.

It is all too easy to simply reject the factual evidence of what has happened, especially when some much emotional stock was involved, especially the epitome of love, to merely deny your role in the eventual downfall, and maybe even the downfall ever happened. All too often, a sad soul has tried to convince themselves that the actual reality after the aftermath is just simply a stage, and it will all return to its former presence. When in all sense, they know what they attempt to lead themselves to think, is just a desperate lie, all to try and dull the pain. But it never works, perhaps the most logical and effective solution to quickly recover from a downtrodden trance of inner heart-break is to directly come to the revelation that it's over, and already happened, for the past is in the past and therefore cannot directly harm you. But we all know, that is not the case. It may haunt you, no matter how you approach it. For admitting to the truth of the unfortunate mishap, you must face the truth, which in no part is an easy task. Having something you loved dear jerked away from your life and soul and then having to accept its gone. Or maybe even worse is the poor spirit who denies its over, and merely attempts to persuade his heart and brain that it can still go on, it is not beyond fixing, the conditions are still appropriate for the circumstances to ameliorate. This may be the most painful course of all, for each time you lead yourself into believing what is false, the more you taint your heart into a impure hope. And in the end, the truth must be accepted in order to move on.

But what intensifies the pain tenfold is the pitiful desperation that frequently accompanies the denial. It's one thing to deny the obvious but it's another to trap yourself into a daze of sadness and sorrow by throwing hope in the form of anything that may shine with a glimmer of light. Suddenly they are withdrawn from their sensible state of mind and led into doing things utterly rash and foolhardy. The Inner pride of logic and reasoning is replaced with desperation and distress. Up and to the point where anything would seem completely sensible if the result was the restoration of conditions to a previous state.

However, any course taken to recover from dejection and heartbreak is a slow and painful one full of gulleys and cracks at best. But the easiest way to Find your former self is by simply participating in activities that involve no memory of events in or leading up to the heartbreak, that your former self found entertaining and enjoyable.

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