Gone but not Forgotten

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A poem for those who have to make a hard decision... This is to remind you that no matter which choice you make, you can make it worth it. It will stick with you; but remember its in the past.

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Its funny how-

One person..

One thing..

One time..

Can change your whole life..


Torn between two paths-

Unsure of which to take.

Both seem like the right choice;

But i know, I can only walk one.


Its crazy how a single person can change your mood-

Good to bad;

Bad to good.

All it takes;

Is that on person,

To make you smile;

To make all your pain and worries to subside.


Life is full of surprises

Broken roads

And uneasy choices.

Sometimes we feel alone and lost...

Helpless and hopeless.

No one is perfect.

There is good to bad,

And bad to every good.

But in the end;

The once hard decision-

Lies in your past..

Gone but never forgotten.

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