Haunting Memories

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A poem I wrote about past memories.. Mainly for young adults

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013



Twisted tree vines-

Are like past memories.

One mistake ties to the rest ..

One after another-

A whole new universe.

Haunting your every move.


Things you want to forget-

Never leave your mind.

While the seconds you should of cherished;

have long faded away.


Your past causes you to watch every step-

Causes you to lose sleep.

Afraid to close your eyes-

As flashbacks seep through the seams.


A single tear falls;

falls to the floor.

 A tear of sorrow..

The same tear that holds one's memories..

The same memories that make us who we are today.


Every story has a different ending;

Never the same.

Each page reveals a new side;

Each blank meant to be filled .

There is never truly a wrong or right.

Always a new lesson;

Learned by one mistake.


Take one step at a time..

No need to rush,

For one day the story must end-

No matter What it contains.

 But remember;

Live to learn-

And learn to accept.

Because every chapter;

leads to the next.

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