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I wrote this awhile ago during my last heart break, and I had forgotten to post it. I hope you guys enjoy this piece, and I hope(as much as I know some can) none of you can relate to the pain from heart break.

Submitted: September 07, 2013

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Submitted: September 07, 2013



You looked me in the eyes;

And point blank lied.

You said you loved me-

You said that I was different;

That I was special.

The words you spoke-

Now taunt me.

The way you made me feel-


And accepted.

 You told me one certain line-

The same line that I thought you meant.

“I love you more than anything, you are beautiful, you are different, and you are mine.”

I remember it just as if it was yesterday,

As if we were still sitting in the park-

Getting lost in each other’s eyes,

Before our lips met.

I was stupid;

I shouldn't have let you in;

I should have known from the start-

That you'd leave,

That it was all a part of my imagination.

I focused on wanting you-

I should have opened my eyes,

And saw reality.

You never loved me,

Just like you never loved the others.

You came into my life:

Let me fall-

 And left without a word,

Or help getting back up.

How much did you lie?

Was it all a lie?

You showed me a side of you;

A side I wanted to see-

I thought I needed.

I fell in love with you;

With who you were.

 Your smile,

And your eyes...

I still can picture then looking back at me.

I thought about you night and day;

You never left my mind.

Soon I wanted nothing but,

To be with you.

I put myself out for you-

I lent a hand to hold;

A shoulder to cry on.

 I was about to look;

Like a damn fool.

Just for you,

Just so you could be happy.

I guess it didn't mean anything;

I guess I don't mean anything.

Just another girl to the list-

 Just another broken heart that you left behind.

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