My addiction

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I personal do not have an addiction, but I know many who do. I wrote this poem for those who were peer pressured into drugs- and have developed an addiction that they cant seem to break. Again I hope you like it (:

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



They told me;

"Try It"

I refused..

I didn't want to.

They told me;

"You're not cool if you don't"

I hoped to fit in-

That's all I wanted..

I told myself it'd only be once;

And ill never look at it again.

But that was a lie and a half.

One time led to anext -

Until finally I couldn't stop.

I put off that Im not addicted;

But on the inside-

Im tearing my self apart..

Needing to be free.

What I thought would be once;

Was nothing more than a sentence

. Because now;

The high is my addiction.

I can't stop..

I've tried;

I tried my best.

But my body begs;

And I grow weak-

Giving in to my addiction.

Im at a dead end-

Nowhere to go.

And theres no one to blame,

But myself..

It really wasn't that hard to just say "no".

I have to suck up my pride;

And realize who I now am-

The person I swore id never be; 

I  have slowly become.

I look for a way out-

I want help.

But with no where to go

; Im lost with no direction.

And its all because of a simple addiction.

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