Wrong Paths

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This is more geared toward young adults. Those who feel alone while trying to experience love, and wanting expectance.

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




You feel a step closer,

Closer to love;

But in reality-

You're nowhere near.

And with every step you continue on your way..

Its all the wrong paths you take.

You focus on affection-

Long for acceptance..

But the outcome is the opposite..


You push away the ones you shouldn't have -

And you kept the ones who won't make much difference.

You blame everyone;

But yourself.


You scream for help;

feeling alone..

You use your last breath-

Gasping for air.

You're left helpless-

And whose to blame..

Your actions were careless;

At the time you didn't notice.


Finally realizing what you once had;

Is now gone.


You'd give everything and more to change the past.

Rewrite the already written;

Correct the wrongs..

But it's too late-

Far too late.

traveled too great of a distance-

Left unable to turn back.


Looking in the mirror;

Staring at your limp body;

You don't know who you are anymore..

Nobody does.


You sit in the dark-

Wondering why,

But at the same time;

You know all of the reasons.


There is no longer anything in your power you can do.

Not every story has a happy ending.

Some mistakes can't be fixed..

Now you're left to accept it.

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