August 25

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This is the summary of one man's life.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



On August 25 a baby is born.

2 years later he walks for the first time.

At age 5 he reads his first word.

At age six he says goodbye to his mother.

Witnesses his best friend commit suicide at age 10.

At age twelve he gets into his first fight.

Gets his first love and his first heartbreak at age 15.

Tired of living, he attempts suicide at age 18.

At age 20 he meets a woman and they get married at age 22.

His wife has a miscarriage at age 30.

He loses will and hope at age 32.

At age 35 his wife divorces him and he is alone once again.

At 40 he wanders outside of his home; he is a ghost to the outside world.

At 60 he is growing old along with the house he once had a family in.

He feels cold and depressed, he never sets foot outside of his home again.

At age 65 his bones grow weak along with his will to live.

Unable to wait for life to take its course, he writes a note and attempts suicide for the last time.

On August 25 a man is forgotten.

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