Death's Daughter

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This is a short story I'm doing for class.

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




There once was a little girl who was born with hate and Love, Her mother was Aphrodite the goddesse of love, and her father was Hypnos the god of death who had a twin brother, he's name was Thanatos, Or called by most Peaceful death....while on the other head Hypno's was violent death. 
Hypnos and Aphrodite had fallen in love, and had a little girl named Semira. Semira was Their only daughter and was Basically pure evil, Her favorite color was red because red is the color of blood. Semira is a beautiful girl who can be gentle at times, Unlike her mother she fails to see the good in people. For her 13th birthday her father had gotten her very own scythe. 
After Semira recieved her first weapon she started helping her father and uncle with killing. Her uncle and father knew when a person was going to die so they could either make their death violent or peaceful, Semira always Picked Violent death then peaceful death, she had enjoyed watching people suffer and had gotten a kick out of watching a person's death. 
On Semira's 15th birthday her mother Aphrodite had sent her to the human realm to test her daughter, she must see if her daughter is truely as evil as her father bragged of her. Semira did not like the fact that she must be in the human world, abnd the worst part is she is now being forced to go to a private school and her Mother and Father's watcher's Must pretend to be her parents in this Journey to find out if Semira is truely evil. 
The first day Semira arrived on earth she was forced to be enrolled into a private school. as soon as she got to school she was aquainted with many people like the Jocks, the cheerleader's and the outcast's of the school. Semira found her homeroom quick and sat in the seat all the way in the back, as soon as she sat one of the cheerleader's came up to her and started harrasing her. 'What do you think your doing in my seat?' 'Im Pretty sure Im sitting in it?' replied Semira. 'Well get up' do you honestly think you can make me get out of this seat? I Dont see your name on it and I was here first.' answerd Semira. Fine!' replied the cheerleader, she went besides the desk and lifted it off the ground to make semira fall off the seat, But instead Semira Grabed The cheerleader by the collar as she fell and brought her down with her. The cheerleader had Fallen on her face, but Semira only fell on her knee's. 
Stupid girl... Semira said as she stood up infront of the cheerleader, You obviously do not know who your dealing with, Then the door had flung Shut and only there was Semira and The cheerleader stuck in the room. W-what?! the cheerleader said in shock. Did you honestly try to put me in danger? I Guess you diddn't notice that were the only one's in here...No teacher...No students.... Just Us. What are you going to do to me!? she demanded. Then an evil smirk apeard on Semira's face, Your name is Tina am I Correct? h-how did you know that!? tina was shocked that Semira knew her name. You should think before you act you stupid girl... Semira then did an elegant spin and her scythe magically apeard into her hands. You have heart other's in the past, you've made fun of so many inocent people, and you've caused halth of them to commite suicide, You do not deserve to live , You are mean spirited and you Crave on the weak...That feeling you get when you make fun of the weak and the thrill you get sickens me! *CLASH* Semira hit the floor next to Tina's face and left a scratch when tina Jumped back S-STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! Tina yelled, Then tina tried to open the door but it was jammed shut it couldn't be opend from the inside or the outside. She started screaming and banging on the walls and Pleaded for help as Semira just stood there with an evil smile upon her face. Foolish Girl....Today is the Day you Will Pay for you sins! Semira Had Stucken Tina with her scythe leaving her wounded and dying. Semira looked Tina dead in her eyes, and her eyes and Tina saw the evil inside them. I am Semira The Daughter of the god of death! You Have Lived Long Enough! Your death will not effect anyone but those you hurt, It will bring their soul's to peace you oblivious dumb girl! Consider yourself Lucky that I Am the one killing you, because if it was my father or uncle, your Death would have been a thousand time's more Painful then this! 
Then in a blink of an eye Tina's life ended in vain, She had gotten everything she deserved, for being a mean spirited Bully who feed off the Weak, she was lucky she had an encounter with Only Death's daughter or her death would have been more violent and more terrible then she could have ever thought, To those who think it is Okay to Bully the weak and expect nothing bad to happen, Just remember this It doesn't matter who you are or who you bully, there is always someone watching and you will Pay for your ways just like Tina did, and who know's maybe you'll even come into contact with Death's Daughter.


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