"The Judge"

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Just a poem I came up with while thinking of this corrupt world we live in.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



We lived in the town of Forks.

This is the town the judge works.

Forks has been around for years.

No one has any fears.

Until, a dark March day

there was a crime committed near the bay.

The young man was killed,

all because he owed a large bill.

That was the story sold.

It was ever so cold.

Three days later the sheriff arrested a man.

He was driving down the road in a white van.

The man was taken to jail.

The sheriff's lie did not fail.

The judge liked his make-believe trial.

The man's punishment was vial.

The judge winked and slapped the sheriff on the back.

There was nothing the story could lack.

So they grabbed their coats,

and headed out to the boats.

However, the wife of the man

was not a big fan.

That night someone tracked down the lawmen,

and fired a round of ten.


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