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Growth through someone elses resentment.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



Saved, Slayed
in my only true home
I stole laughter and glances
whenever I could
I'd meet their eyes and smile
Sure had them fooled

Life before me
Death at my feet
Which I carried with me
Though no one could see
I saw him clearly
So he hated me
I watched him closely
He saw right through me

I'd donenothing wrong
Butwonder ifI had
Did everything I could
to make up for it

Felt like rain to me
Didn't melt but grew
Climbing higher and higher
Reaching for you

Fixed everything I felt was wrong with me
But all I ever did wrong was be
Then I'd glance back at you gratefully
Because it was your resentment guiding me
Then I watched you hopefully
Wondered if you were proud of me
Burning words flew back at me

Laughed out loud
It left a mark
Learned my lesson
Let you leave

I never meant to disappoint you
But I got so tired of fighting you
And the one who failed was you not me
Your hating me
Was helping me

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