Angels and Green Eyes

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Childhood crushes, secret lovers. The beginning of a very unique friendship which later led on to what may be something more or nothing at all. Between an angel and a little green-eyed boy.

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



Autumn brown shines within two golden orbs of light

A smile untainted by life

A mind like a secret garden

A heart burning bright and red

She dances among the flowers

Lively and wondrous

Full of life and sunshine.


A gentle green watches on

Captured by the grace of her arms

With a face full of wonder and awe

Stares at the angelic girl completely mesmerized

He sees the way she almost seemed to glow in the air

And how her face was full of life and smiles

He notices how she danced around

And thought that she was an angel sent from heaven above.


Eyes of brown glanced at green,

Turned to look for such beautiful things

But what seemed to be there, now was gone

In replace was air and nothing else

Fascinated of such wondrous colour

She turned to look for what she saw

But what was there,

Was no more.


In the bushes, hidden from sight

A little boy stood out of sight

Saw the girl with sunlit eyes

But couldn't bring up the courage to say hi

Wistfully he wished to talk

But could not

For what kind of angel would talk to him,

When he was nothing but a human being.


With a downtrodden heart he walked back home

Wondering if he would ever see his angel again.

Unknown to him,

He did not see,

A little girl following him.


Suddenly with a smack he felt a ball hit his head,

Turned to see his angel looking at him

With a smile she beckoned her ball

Which he nervously took and returned

And with a grin she took his hand

And led him back to the park

Where they continued to play all summer,

And then,







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