Combined Difference

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When the moon fell in love with the sun. For the boy who never gave up :) Who knew that life would turn out this way? :) Feedback and comments are much appreciated :) Please, do share your thoughts :D Thanks for taking your time to read this :)

Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



You were the sun and I was the moon,

You were everything I was not

You glowed a brilliant light that reflected off the world in daylight

Which everyone wakes up to and smile while others frowned

Unready to face the day

You were the rays that shone in the shadows of the earth

Brightening them up

Revealing the wonders of life in the hidden crevices of the ground and the earth's heart

The metaphors of the languages of each country involves you and the feeling of joy

You brought warmth and love to whoever you touch

And beauty when you lay down in surrender to the coming darkness where your rays and mine touch.


You were the sun and I was the moon,

Different in every way,

Living in two different worlds and continents,

Facing each other, unable to touch except for those few precious moments,

When the sky transforms into brilliant shades of colours; a mix of both of our rays and time and worlds,

We were so different, you and I,


You were the sun and I was the moon

My rays casted a dark glow full of mystery and silence

Shadows hang in the air despite my radiant light

And all is quite and still but for a few movements of the creatures of the night

I was a mystery unable to be revealed under the blanket of darkness

A cover of the evils and dangers of the world

I create a world of darkness, mysteries and scars

Where life is as unintresting as it gets

I hide in the midst of darkness while you stand out in your brilliant light

I was nothing and you were everything

I was the extra actor for backups and you were the star of the show,

Invisible while you were visible to all.


But it was in those few precious moments when we would meet where you told me that you loved me,

And when I asked why and said that I was nothing compared to who you were

You said that I was the truth and the stories uncovered of people who open and show who they actually are,

I was the founder and keeper of hidden secrets on this very earth,

A gentle beauty to those who understand me, to those who can see me,

I brought light to the darkness in the night,

A beacon of hope for the lost and the lonely,

I was the hidden star that gives guidance to the long-lost lovers,

A story for the romantics and the writers of this world,

An inspiration for the darkness and hope that even the dark of night has its light,

I laid among the beauty of the stars,

The planets unseen in the day and that I have the whole of the universe right at my finger tips,

I was the beauty everyone could see,

I was unique and different from any other planet,

I was the star that could cover the sun and still cause amazement and awe to whoever watched,

I was nothing but everything and without me,

Life is incomplete.


I was the sun and you were the moon,

But when the day has ended and begun,

And when the night sky touches the day,

A beautiful art is created like no other,

And combined, 

The world was ours for the taking,

We were invincible and beautiful and no one else can take that away from us.

We were different in every single way but combined,

That difference created a beauty no else was able to create.



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