Midnight's Dance

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Just a little sensual poetry for all you readers out there. Hope you enjoy :) I would also love some feedback if you guys would like to give it :) Comment if you wish. I'd love to hear how I could perhaps improve and on what you think on this piece of mine :)

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



Midnight's Dance


Lips like ice,

Your touch sends shivers down my spine,

Lying before me in the dark,

With short puffs of air being blown from your mouth,

You moan the words my ears so long to hear,

And though the air is cold tonight,

Your every touch brings me warmth,

And as our bodies move in unison,

Pressed close together tight,

Our hearts beat as one.


The moon is bright tonight,

Shining mystically in the dark,

It's as if dawn will never come,

That we will be stuck like this forever,

Frozen in time,

And with your heartbeat matching mine,

And with you holding me tight,

I wouldn't mind if we stay like this,

You forever mine,

And me forever yours.




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