My Letter Goodnight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
My silent letter/poem to a dearly beloved who died recently. May your soul rest in peace. I could never say I love you as emotions made us always feel awkward. But I hope that you always knew. Thank you for reading :)

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



I knew life was short

Yet I was never fully able to understand it fully

Or grasp the actual meaning behind those simple words.


But when your soul decided that it was time to go

-Despite the fact that you fought hard and won the battle,

You lost the war

And your soul left anyway; along with the fighting spirit you annoyed us all of.


And when you finally did,

It almost seemed as if an earthquake had hit us all.

Shoulders shook,

Some fell.

And some, just stood there with tear stained cheeks and wailed.


Now that chair you loved lays empty,

Unlike the nights where you sat in it and refused to sit anywhere else.

And your scary face that filled my childhood,

Is missed by my eyes.


And  remembering the way on how you used to always annoy me;

By always calling me by your side to help you fix a computer problem that's usually easy

-And come on, I know you remember your password. It's your own wife's name for goodness sakes!

Makes me cry.

Because now I shall never again roll my eyes. 

Or crack jokes to try and make you smile.

Because, well, let's face it. I've never seen you smile or laugh.

Just worry and scold and ask a lot of endless questions.

Nevertheless, I've always liked a challenge. 


But as I think back to my childhood and how you always used to carry me around,

Because I lived in another state and you never got the chance to see me much;

I could see smiles in your eyes and looks of pure joy when you look at your family.

Even though your mouth never showed it.

And you always tried your best to make us all happy.


Seeing your body now,

Lying still in that wooden box.

I only see an empty shell.

Of what held the soul of one of the greatest people I have ever known.

And I cannot hold back my sorrow as my heart longs for your presence.


But my dear grandfather, your act on stage has finally come to an end.

After 74 years of successful plays,

It's time to bow and close the curtain.

But I know that despite the fact that your physical self is gone.

Your spirit still hovers over us.

Protective as always, silent and watching.


And one day,

Not so soon hopefully

-But I'm sure will come quickly, for time always does,

I shall see you again.


But for now,

Goodnight Grandfather. 

And not goodbye.


With love always from your foolish granddaughter.







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