The Farewell of Innocence

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Inspired by a video I found and a story from reality :D Thank you all for reading :) Feedback or comments of any kind is much appreciated and I certainly hope that you all will check out my other pieces as well :D

Submitted: July 05, 2013

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Submitted: July 05, 2013




I knew a girl,

Whose hands were dry and crinkly

Cause of all the bruises and scars she tried to catch

To heal the pain tumbling down from the sky towards her head.




I knew a boy,

Whose fate was decided by punching him in the face

During an early stage of his life,

And after getting back up again,

Got kicked in the stomach,

Where he was hurtled back towards the ground.



The girl whose dreams of flying dragons and shining knights,

With people who flew with a curtain of red behind their backs,

Were gone when she realized she had to be her own hero

In a world of big bad people and horrible events.



The boy whose drawings consisted of fighting evil villians and saving damsels,

Who dreamt of being a hero like those within the tattered pages of his favourite comic books,

Were burnt to the ground,

Unreadable and unreachable.



There was a time when the boy and girl met,

Face to face.

With the similar pain shining in their eyes.

But one with a bruise upon his eye,

And one with a bruise upon her hand.



And with nothing but each other to hold on to,

They both collapsed within their own world

Comforting each other in times of their need and pain,

Where the skies are filled with their ill-forgotten dreams

And where secret flowers bloomed within their very footsteps.



A world only they can understand,

And when several moons passed overhead, 

And when the boy fell for the lost brown eyes,

And when the girl fell for the sad dark ones,

Their lips met.



And for once,

All was well within the world of reality and dreams.

And for once,

Both the boy and the girl got their wish.


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