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I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn’t what I remembered.

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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Submitted: February 02, 2016




I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn’t what I remembered. How could this happen? My eyes said one thing and my memory another. Which should I believe? Which one is the truth? Sweat dripped from my forehead. Long black hair stuck against my back. I could feel my heart beat through my whole body. As if my body was a giant drum. Boom. Boom. Boom. Wait. Boom. My head turned. Boom. It came from behind me. Boom. It wasn’t my heart. Boom. It’s them. The giant ware house doors fell from its hinges. My body was preparing to fight, before I could even consider to flee. I told my legs to run, they stayed firmly in place. I’ve never been very good at listening to commands. It appears even my own. I stood to fight. I knew I had to win. Or more so these people had to lose.

With a click of my fingers the power came to me. Filling my hands with electric, the blue sparks danced tickling my palms. Listening and waiting for its command. I could taste its anticipation. The excitement of what it is capable of. As the first faces came into focus the blue sparks were away, the good thing about an abandoned warehouse, metal. Lots of metal. And electricity loved metal.

I could feel my hair static around me, electricity skipping from one strand to the next. A smile crept on my face, even in the wake of danger the blue power felt amazing. It was time to make them pay, they sent their soldiers to beat me, and I send my electricity to beat them. Too many people like me had perished because of others need of power, now I use the power.

One man tried to climb the stairs, metal stairs. As soon as his naked hand reached for that metal the blue bounced through him. I looked away never being able to watch what my true power could do. “I don’t want to hurt you.” I screamed. “Just bring DR Grayson to me. He is all I want. You’ve done nothing to me.” I could see in the men’s faces they did not want to fight for this man either. But they had no choice. He took that away from them. I didn’t want to hurt them. But I had to. To hurt him. That’s what I tried to tell myself anyway.

Power corrupts. The human brain is not strong enough to fight the allure of power. The men all moved as one. The perfect army. A dance crew of a horrific beat. Dancing to the drum of my electric. Some jumped aside while others ducked. But electric will always find a connection. Screams joined the song now. Many of the perfect army hadn’t seen the pool of water. Electricity likes water too. Now they looked like fish, convulsing on the floor, unable to escape the blue.

I collapsed on my knees. It’s not their fault. I’m hurting innocent people. I clicked again. My electric gone. “I told them to stop.” I whispered. Tears adding to the pool around me. A chuckle sounded behind me. It sounded wrong. A twisted laugh from a twisted man. Dr Grayson. I tried but failed to bring back my dancing blue friend, I was burned out. My battery dead. It was over. “Very good, you nearly made it to the exit this time. You’re getting stronger. Were nearly there. Well try again next week. Wipe her.”

I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn’t what I remembered. 

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