Is money the next GOD??

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A short essay on money and god.In hope of a better future.

Submitted: July 06, 2008

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Submitted: July 06, 2008



Money is needed for survival. Money is needed for education. Money is needed for medication.Money is needed for comfort. Money is even needed for simplicity(looking at inflation!!!). So, are we assuming or have we already assumed money to be a God? Yes, today’s consumeristic culture paves the way for worshipping money. Its not that I am against earning money or enjoying comfort it showers. The point is that money is very important but not the only important thing in life.
A very strange comparison came to my mind. Lets draw a parallel between ‘money’ and ‘God’. In a way both are same. How? We do idol worship by joining our hands in front of stone carved sculptures or at times we incessantly chant Lord’s name.God would be more happier if that time is utilized for some kind action. God never asks us to embrace sainthood and give up all worldy desires because He is the one who has given us many emotions and ‘Desire’ is one of them . He wants us to enjoy this life to the fullest but with money earned by hardwork and sincerity. He wants us to imbibe goodness, kindness and compassion for others. How much do we really care for others? We have become so selfish that we remember Him only when we ‘want’ something. Worshipping God for gain’s sake is worshipping gain not God.Hence it doesn’t really make any difference that we worship ‘God’ or ‘Money’ or should I say worshipping ‘stone’ or a ‘piece of paper’. Nothing can help unless we start comprehending His True teachings.
It is painful to see that we are slowly but surely heading towards becoming monevotees – devotees of money.

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