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An emotional account of a music lover.Sometimes things that seem trivial to us are of immense important to someone.

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008



A large number of media persons thronged M.K.Hospital on Tuesday night as Mr.Mansukh Patel, father of a well known businessman,Mr.Chirag Patel , was admitted in the I.C.U. unit of the hospital.
Mansukh Patel was born in a poor family. His acquaintance with the struggle of life at an early age eventually helped in carving out a matured individual in him. He evidently was never showered with any ‘special faclities’ as a kid. Mansukh was a music lover and guitar was his life. A determined Mansukh managed to complete his graduation and with the support of his affluent friend he started a firm in partnership. After few years he achieved financial stability and then there was no looking back. He learned to play guitar but in the vast ocean of ever soaring work his innocent love for guitar submerged somewhere……………..
Mansukh desperately wanted his son, Chirag, to learn guitar. But Chirag was least interested,” Babuji, I don’t want to play this instrument. I want to elevate your business to a new level.One day you will be proud of me.”
“Yes son, I will be!!”, Mansukhbhai replied smilingly. Down in his heart again the golden sun of his passion for music was suppressed.
Days past by and years flew. Chirag was soaring to new heights in business. Mansukhbhai found a ray of hope in his grandson ,Atul. He taught him to play few tunes from his very old and very first guitar- his beloved possession. One day when Atul was playing guitar, Chirag shouted,”Atul, you have bunked your Physics lecture for playing this.Are you crazy? What about your career?” “Dad, today is Grandpa’s birthday and he asked me to play it for him”, explained Atul. “ Oh, I don’t want this useless thing in my house anymore.” In a fit of anger he snatched the guitar from Atul and distorted its strings. “Dad, no. Dad, NO………..” this was all Atul could say. The guitar was gone. Gone forever…..Grandpa couldn’t tolerate this shock and hence was hospitalized.
* **
Mansukhbhai’s entire family surrounded him. Every face had an apprehensive look and a latent fear in their eyes. Doctors had given up hope. Everyone was silent. Finally one relative spoke,”Motabhai, we want to know if you wish for something ….I mean……Bhai”, his voice choked. “Yes Jignesh, I have a last wish. I want my son to play my favourite tune from my beloved guitar.” Chirag was dumbfounded.”Babuji, please ask for anything else. I can buy anything you demand right here right now but not this,” pleaded Chirag with a shiver in his voice. “Son, I know you are a successful businessman but you failed as a son. Chirag, there are somethings in life that money can’t buy. The earlier you understand this, the better,” saying this Mansukhbhai headed towards his heavenly journey.
Chirag realized his father was right. He failed as a son. He failed to fulfil his father’s last wish…………

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