The scary truths

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This is the real life truth of an inccident i wish not to speak of to anyone, but it feels much better to let other people know what is possable in life, but to also know what to do

Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



I woke up that day expecting another boring after noon of pure chartoon telivision. I strolled out of my room and walked into the kitchen, it sounded as if the house was empty, till i heard someone snoring in the small room behind the living room. sence we needed another room my mother and her boyfriend Van Willet stayed in a little room they seperated from the living room with a big old faded green sheet. I walked silently past it not wanting to even look at the man i despised sleeping in the same room let alone the same world as my family. I walked to the kitchen and reached for the small glass mugs we had got at a garage sale a week ago and filled it full of water from the tap, I quietly snuck back to my room in the back of the trailer. Closing the door behind me i slid onto my bed setting the water down at the end on the floor and snatching the remote from the place i had left it after id fallen asleep the night before, and started flipping through the few channels we got with the crapy cable we had. We could probably get some Comcast if Van would get a job and stick with it. but now he got fired or layed off because he well... just plain sucked at anything he did. Slidding the blanket up over my shoulders and pulling a pillow under my head so i could see the small screened TV sitting on the dresser that my mom said belonged to her and Van. I thought every time i heard his name or saw him about ripping him to pieces for making my mother work all the time to support his bum butt. If only he would just die already, i would keep thinking. But sadly that day never came. So i just lay there thinking of nothing but how funny Sonic X was. My mom said i should play outside with my sister and her friends or go to my best friends house down the street in the trailer park. but i felt like just laying around on a saturday morning. I had my curly brow long hair pushed back into a pony tail behind my round face and  it left my skin looking even more pale and plain like ussal, i had green crystal like eyes but they never shined, just seemed to catch light if it should happen to be there. Eyes full of past hurt and emotions cut off. I tried to show them around my friends and my mom, but when Van came near, i just shut them down, not trying to show any weakness for him to take advantage of, but i never saw the one thing he knew he could take advantage of, my body. I may have a strong mind, and a strong vocabualer, but i didnt have a very strong body. I mean i could take down teens my age, but he was way bigger than me.

So as i lay here watching TV, who do you think happened to strole into my room? Yes the bastard himself. He walked over to my bed and sat down on it, pretending to watch the screen as i looked at him sispiously. But i returned to watching the screen. It was hard to focus with a man you truly hate sitting next to you with his hand really close to resting on ur  backside. Also, he smelled terrably strong of weed. Its what he smoked, and the fucking bastard got my mother on it too, greatfully though she quit long before she broke it off with him.

So i am laying there and he is slowly moving his hand up the blanket to rest on my back. I started freaking out but i didnt let it show. I just reached down and picked up my water and started to drink it. I could feel his creepy gaze on my glass and my face. After i sat it down i feel my blanket being pulled off of me, sence my room is the one with the airconditioner i got really cold and tried to pull it back up. But when i reached for it, he had it down by the head bored.

"What are you doing?" I said staring at him blankly. He stared at me for a few seconds with his big black eyes, diolated from the Weed.

"Just want to have a little peek. Don't worry." Yeah, "dont worry" was not something i liked to hear from someone like him. So i reached to pull the blanket back over me but when i did he grabbed my wrist farly hard and forcefully.

"Let. Go. Now." I bit out, puncturing ever word through gritted teeth.

"No. Now lay down, we're going to play." He said with a slimy grin.

"No way. Let the fuck go now before i scream." I said staring at him with disbelif.

"Yes way." He pushed me back holding my hand at my side before he climbed up on top of me using his weight to hold me down with his knees on my arms hurting them pretty bad but not enough to form burises.

"Get off now before i scream you ass." I said trying to squirm out from under him, but that only made him press his weight against me more, making it harder to breath.

He put his big hand over my mouth keeping me from screaming for help. I tried kicking him and hitting him but my arms were pinned underneath his knees and my legs couldnt reach him. pulled up my shirt and pressed his hand onto my chest and started to feel my breasts making me even angry. So i bit down hard on his hand and he grunted and i felt his weight lift a little so i pulled my arm out from under his knees painfully and pushed him off of me with all my strenght sending him falling backward onto the bed as i tried to scrabble out of the bed but my feet caught in the bedding. As i tripped i felt something warm and rough grab ahold of my ankle and twist and it shot a spike of pain through my leg and i turned over trying to make sure he didnt break or twist anything.

I fell to the floor and tried to make it to the door but he slammed against me and pushed me to the carpet and turned me over pinning my arms above my head well tears slowly leaked out of my eyes. I stared with eyes full of hate, pain, discust, anger, and a lot of fear. I tried despretly to get free but he kept me pinned under him.

"GET O-" He slammed his ugly hand over my mouth again but made sure i couldnt bite him this time. I tried to scream but it was mafulled by his hand and i tried kicking again but nothing worked. So i just stopped and layed there staring at him with a dark expression with tears leaking from my eyes and running down my cheeks into my hair wraming everything they touched.

"Good girl." He said lifting my shirt again and pulling it to my wrist and then he realesed my wrists to pull the shirt off and then clamped his hands back on my wrists even harder. He tugged at my pants and pulled them down only moving off me to pull the to my ankles along with my underwear. He pulled at his night shorts and pulled them down to his ankles and stepping out of them and tried puling me onto the bed, but i refused to go up there with him so i kicked and tried to scream again but his hand landed on my mouth hard. He licks the side of my neck making me gag in discust.

He layed on top of me nearly squishing my lungs. But he ran his fingers over my skin, his fingers slid down my tummy to my thighs and he slowly rubbed his fingers agaist my privite area, he stuck his finger into me and i tried hiting him again to make him stop, but i just cried more and more wishing he would just get off and go die somewhere.

"Nice. Tight." I squirmed under him as he pushed his hardon against me and i stilled, my skin already broken out with a dark pink blush. He rammed forward into me making me scream in pain against his hand. For little under twenty mins, he kept at it. When it was over i had brusises i never wanted anyone to look at, there were none visable on my face or neck, but some were on my wrists and my belly, and my privitte area still hurt and i couldnt move as he threw a blanket over me and walked out without another word. I felt like vomiting but it would only make it worse. So i stood after ten mins of crying and walked to the bathroom. I pulled open the curtian and stepped in and turning the shower on full blast and on really warm water and layed down curled in a ball crying. I stayed there till there was no hot water, and a good ten mins after that. I got dressed and walked into my room and sat in the closet with the door closed and a blanket wrapped around me....

Years later i found myself sick of holding back what had happened to me, the pain from what had happened made me close myself off from people, i thought i did so  because i didnt want to hurt them with my feelings, but really, i didnt want to be the one to get hurt... For years he continued this until my mother broke it off with him. A little under a year after their break up i couldnt help but start crying from it during the day and in front of people, so i told my friends, who told my mother for me, i hated the look of sorrow i brought to my mother's eyes. but i couldnt hold it back any longer..

The pain is and always will be there, the memories scard to my mind, they will never be  gone, but i know im not alone when i need someone to talk to, so telling someone was the best thing for me, but it wasnt for him,  because before i said a thing to my mother about this, my sister came to her and told her what my moms boyfriend did to her too, so before i could tell my mother, he was a wanted man after they went to the cops.

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