Crystal Pistol

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This a story about a child being abused & how he/she decided to put a stop to it.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



Cold as ice

you're staring at me.

Not one bit of mercy you shed on me,

with great force you laid your hand upon my skin.


You look at me with a plain grin,

screaming and shouting to stop my tears.

I can't hold them in,

I'm shaken with fear.


My skin burns with pain,

my heart breaks in vain.

His cruel heart is cold as ice,

as I live the same thing twice.


I want the pain to stop,

need to finish my fear.

I live a life like I'm not here.

I'm better off gone,

I shall not be missed.


To my head I lay a pistol,

I'm no longer afriad.

My mind is clear as crystal,

death isn't far away.


He walks in the room,

sees fear in my soul.

I point the gun to his heart of stone.

One shot...his skin ran cold.

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