I Wait for You

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idk what I was thinking writing some thing like this on a assignment. I was thinking of my best friend and his lover who I hadn't met...

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008



It is not the dismal delight that comes from the light

But the joy of the nights dark embrace that not all humanity knows

How this flows through my viens, through my heart--right back to the night time

How magical and he is mine

How sad the light makes his dimise

  My heart is as ice

Till you come back with the sweet sun set

You melt my icey heart and set fire to my lonely soul

You never had to be there

You never had to love me

But you did, you addmitted it first

Your love for me, and I my love for you

In the night

We still are one

My mind buzzes of the nights past events

As my body rests upon yours

We kiss and snugle, till the light comes again.

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