Memories Of School

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Remembering the wonderful times when I was in school..Those years were the best and I wish I could go back in time again :-)

Submitted: March 03, 2014

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Submitted: March 03, 2014



Memories of my schooling in Mumbai,India

1) As June 13th,the first day of school approached,we'd spent a better part of the day covering our notebooks and textbooks and attaching labels on them.In primary school,the labels on my books were mostly cartoons.By the time I reached 10th,they were simple red and white stickers.

2) The first day of school was a rather fun day.We only got our time table for the year,and we'd get to know who our class teacher would be.The school day ended there.Then we'd hop and skip home,and play all day long.

3)The second day of school was interesting.We got to know which teacher would be teaching us which subject.And there was always a collective gasp from the entire class when a particularly strict teacher would walk in.

4)The morning assembly was great.I still remember the words to the prayer we said every day,'Eternal God,Creator of All..'.It was quite something when your class teacher selected you to say the prayer or read the pledge for the entire school assembly.One of our principals also made us listen to devotional hymns with our eyes closed,most of the times I slept through these.

5)Being made a council member-House Captain or Head Boy/Girl or even Class Monitor..was something.I only envied those kids because they got to wear a special sash and badge.

6)I loved our school uniform-grey pinafore with a white collared shirt,and a tie with the colour of the House we were in.And dark blue canvas shoes and dark blue socks.I miss it still.The only thing I do not miss is the horrid white P.T uniform which we had to wear once a week.I cringed at the sight of that one.

7)In primary school,we had notebooks with 'red and blue lines' for all subjects except math.For math,there were those notebooks with square lined pages.

8)Recess was a time for a great many things.Chatting with friends while munching on goodies in our tiffin box,general fooling about the classroom.Also,I remember catching a quick nap after gulping down my tiffin box contents at lightning speed.And most importantly,for doing homework.Especially when that subject's class was after recess.Then,I never wasted time on doing that homework at home.

9) To signal the end of the recess time,we had a 'freezing bell',during which you had to stay still in the place you were in,until the teachers entered the class.Still,many of us couldn't resist whispering without catching the teacher's attention.

10) When school opened in June,the first picture we had to draw during drawing class was 'A Rainy Day'.And I drew the same picture year after year,the only change being going from crayons to paints.The first essay we had to write in English was 'A Rainy Day.'

11) Thursday was a weekly off which I would look forward to.A whole day to play and read story books!!

12)We had a Writing class in primary school,to teach us good handwriting.I remember my handwriting would be very neat in the 'Writing' book,and abominable in the rest!

13)The only time I got a perfect score in Math in all four exams of the school year,was in first standard.40/40 in all exams.Could never match that achievement ever later.

14)During the rainy season,mum would meticulously pack my bag,keeping the books in a plastic bag,inside the main bag,to prevent them from getting wet.At the end of the day,all my books would be out,with the plastic bag crumpled in a corner.And they'd be drenched to the core,much to my mum's annoyance.

15) English,History and Geography were my most favourite subjects in school.Liked Science too and had a love-hate relationship with Math.Was a disaster at Craft and Drawing.

16)During Library hour in third standard,I remember our teacher giving us some 10-20 odd words,and use them to frame sentences.The ones who would finish first would get to pick books of their choice to read.I always finished mine in no time.

17)The time the teachers would walk into the class with bundles of corrected exam answersheets,the entire class would go silent.That was the only time there was 'pin-drop' silence.As the students got back their papers,the class would be a jumble of expressions of despair,joy,smugness,indifference and many others.

18) Open House day was great fun,especially if you were one of the kids distributing answer sheets to the kids who walked in with their parents.It made us feel quite important.And we also were treated to some goodies sometimes by some teachers.

19)Birthdays were cool days,when you got to wear a 'colour dress' when everyone else was in the drab uniform.And everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and you distributed candies and toffees to the whole class,and the class teacher.

20)The minute the last bell of the day rang,the classroom would be a flurry of activity with everyone packing their bags at top speed,waiting to rush home.

21)The second semester in fourth standard was one which all primary students looked forward to,because then we'd stop using pencils and start writing with ink pens finally.There used to be fountain pens and 'China' pens.I remember spilling ink all over the table or floor whenever I tried filling ink in a fountain pen with an ink filler.In the higher classes,we graduated from ink pens to ball point pens and gel pens which were quite the rage.

22)In primary school,we used rectangular school bags,which became horizontal as we went into secondary school.

23)The most common reason for absence in the 'note for absence' was 'sick'.The teachers never asked any more questions.

24)The annual class picnic was a day we all looked forward to,and it was always great fun.We'd line up in school early morning and depart in school buses,everyone creating a ruckus and singing at the top of their voices and fooling about in the bus.I dozed off in my seat by the window most of the times.

25)On the last day of the academic year,when we got our report cards,usually May 1st..we were all only interested in knowing which division of the next standard we were put in,instead of how many marks we got in the exams.If your friends and you were in the same division,it was a moment of great elation.If not,well,it was quite sad actually.

26) The Annual Day at school was a wonderful event.Skits and dances and elocution and fancy dress..and prize distribution.All of us who were going to get a prize in some subject or other,would be lined up backstage,waiting for our names to be called out before we made our entry on the stage.My name was always mispronounced,I noted.

27)During the rainy season,we'd pray for it to rain very hard,so that school would be cancelled,or atleast a half day be granted.Then we'd walk home sometimes in the rain,jumping into muddy puddles and splashing water everywhere.

28)Free periods were the most looked forward to times.The noise levels coming from a class having a free period would be enough to disturb the neighbouring class.Then suddenly,a teacher from the other class would burst onto the scene with the trademark line,"What noise you all are making! Is this a fish market or what?!",and then the crescendo would suddenly dip into decrescendo.The teacher would ask the monitor to mind the class and write the names of the people who were talking,on the board or on a piece of paper.The monitor would agree to this very seriously,and a few minutes after the teacher left,the noise would start again with full gusto,including the monitor.

29) Exam timetables were another topic of great discussion.There would be exclamations of despair or elation when the teacher wrote down the time table on the board.

30)Diwali,Christmas and Summer Vacations were the most looked forward to events in the academic year,exams the least,obviously.



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