A jacket, a hoodie and a tape

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

" whaaaat !! a dead end? we are so screwed up at the moment ." I say as I catch my breath i have never been the atheletic type.

" let me think maybe we can climb over or sth " he keeps trying to figure sth out but I don't really care it was to bound to end this way eventually . I drop out the *I don't care attitued* just once and here i am now probably about to have holes in my body more than supposed to be.

" Think they would spare me if I just deny your whole existence? "

" yeah right maybe give you a candy too " he said with obvious sarcasm .

" Maybe we should just turn ourselves and beg for forgiveness or sth " I sigh obviously defeated .

" A little too late for that now isn't sweetheart " . A new voice joins in our heartwarming conversation as I hear the click of a gun behind me .

Table of Contents

A Night Walk

A.N : Hi everyone this is my first story soooo please enjoy and support.
if you think i should change anything like if i give too much details or anything else , please tell me in the comments.

SRYY if the chapter is too short i haven't really progressed that far in the story yet.

sorry for any grammar mistakes english is not my mother language. Read Chapter

Meeting The Hoodie

Hey guys!!!

A longer chapter horraaaay.
I hope you enjoy the story it gets better "I think".

Please vote and comment.

I don't really have anything more to say ^-^.
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