Lovely Rivalry

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lyra, a young girl, had her first serious crush. Unfortunately, he has to cross many boundaries for her feelings to reach, including her lifetime rival, Joey. Will her current crush successfully win her heart, or will there be a twist involving her rival?

Submitted: October 13, 2014

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Submitted: October 13, 2014



Lovely Rivalry


“Ding dong~” The bell rings, and class begins. Today, there was a new girl. Late, as usual, she entered the class and was introduced.

“Everyone, we have a new student today.” Ms. Claire turned to the short girl, “What’s your name?”

The dark haired girl responded in her quiet voice. “Lyra...”

After a few minutes of exited chatter, the class quieted down. Two boys from the other side of the classroom laughed as loud as a trumpet. She stared in confusion, as the boys laughed even louder. With a small smirk, Lyra giggled as well, not knowing why. Ms. Claire told her to take a seat. She ended up sitting in front row. What a horrible start, sitting in the front on your first day... She knew that this class was going to be a bit different.

Lyra was a bit of an odd ball. She could predict things, and no matter how impossible the situations, they came true. At least it was a bit helpful. She knew who to hang out with, and who to stay away from. Although, sometimes, she would ignore those predictions, leading to an agonizing pain inside her. Lyra had many secrets, ones she was never aware of...


“Hey, Lyra, you have a group yet?” said Melody.

“Nope, not yet” Lyra replied. “The teacher is supposed to pick our groups, remember?”

“I know, I know...hehe... I was testing ya” She laughed hesitantly. This was her. No matter where she went, no matter what time, Melody would show up. It was a bit annoying, but Lyra managed to deal with her scary amount of energy.

“Ding Dong~~” Class started. They all took our seats. Lyra listened patiently for her group, as Melody kept poking her with notes. Her eyebrow twitched a bit as her annoyance grew. Finally, she heard her name. “Lyra, Joey, Matt and Raj, you are group four.”

“Seriously?? An all boys group!? And I’m the only girl...again...” Thoughts like that lurked in the back of her mind. “Any way, group up and finish this up. You have till lunch.”

The long haired girl sighed as she met up with her group. Raj was alright. He was kind of confusing, but very smart and focused. Matt, Joey and Lyra always competed, no matter how stupid and unreasonable their arguments were. Lyra really didn’t mind Joey or Raj, but to her...Matt was a bit special.

“Alrighty! Let’s get started!”Matt yells loud and clear as he raises his hand. “I have horrible handwriting.” Lyra smiles

“Same~” Raj and Joey respond in their usual blatant voice. Then the three look at the girl. “M-My handwriting is that good either”

“Wrong~~ I’ve seen your writing. It’s really neat and pretty” If she could, Lyra would have blushed. “A-Alright, fine. I’ll do the writing part.”

“Yay~” It was a bit mean to make her do all the writing, but since apparently, her writing was the best among the four, she felt she had no choice.

So, the long project began. “Alright...oh this article is about a ginger!”said Joey. Matt and Raj laughed, while Lyra stayed confused as always.

“What, you don’t get it?” Matt stared.

“Ginger? Like, the vegetable?”

“Haha! You really don’t know what a ginger is?” laughed Raj

“Well, sor~ry” Lyra pouted.

“A ‘ginger’ is a red-head. You know, guys with orange- reddish hair?”asked Matt.

“Ohh!! Those guys!” She finally realised

The four of them laugh as they continue their project.

After all was said and done, Lyra and Joey continued their endless conflict.

“I was clearer!” yelled Joey

“I added more detail” replied Lyra

“Yeah right, all you said was ‘thank you for listening’”

“You get marked for that stuff!”

“No you don’t” argued Joey

“Yes you do, it says so on the rubric!”

“Really? Where?” Joey asked, surprised

“Right here, see?” Lyra pointed out.

Matt jumped at the two’s shoulders. “Nah, I beat all of you!”

Joey and Lyra laughed. “You stuttered the most, you know” said Lyra

“And you spit on Ms. Claire!” smirked Joey

Matt pouted, “Hey~ it was an accident”

“Well, at least you beat him” smiled Lyra

“At least you’re not a ‘Lyra’” Joey smiled sarcastically at Lyra

“Hey! What’s that mean?”

“You should know, you’re a Lyra” he smirked once more.

Lyra and Joey continued to growl at each other as they took their seats and waited for the other groups to present.

Their arguments continue after school as well. Each day, their bickering grew more sarcastic and funny, mainly because Lyra wasn’t very good with grammar. She made fun of his long brown hair that reached up to his shoulder. He was sweaty almost all the time and looked like a fat puppy. He made fun of her boyish attitude and singing voice.


“Today is the day. The day I’ve been waiting all year for!” Lyra sighed in joy as the approached the school gates, where her friends waited.

Rayia came in, “What’s the occasion?” Her friends gathered.

“Today, we’re selecting groups for the singing-dance project-thingy, remember?”

“No one’s gonna pick you for their group, you know?” Joey came in smirking

Lyra and Joey sneered as they made eye contact. “Oh, yeah, why not?”

“‘Cause, your voice sound like a dying cat. Especially when you sing.” He smirked lighty as Lyra glared at him.

“Well, at least my voice doesn’t crack every time I talk.” Lyra smiled at her retort, which made Joey feel at least a bit embarrassed. After a while of silent glaring, the bell rings, which snaps them both back to reality. Joey sneered as he walked to his friends. Lyra, on the other hand, laughed...until she saw her friends grinning and whispering at each other. “What?” she questioned. “Nothing!” her friends replied simultaneously. Lyra shrugged at headed to her locker.

It was time. Dance class had begun. Everyone was told to make their own groups. Lyra headed towards her best friend, Hannah, who was with....Melody. next to them, were Matt and...Joey. Not bad enough that Melody was there, but Joey too? Regardless, she wanted to be with her best friend and Matt.

 After coming to a decision, Lyra approached the group in the loud, crowded classroom. “Hey, can I join your group?”

“No way! We have enough people.” said Melody as she interrupted everyone before they can talk. Hearing that annoyed Lyra a bit, but she accepted it and went away.

After a few minutes, the class had to take their seats and settle down. The teacher, Ms. Cho, spoke up, “Does anyone not have a group?” it was always embarrassing to not have a group, but Lyra shyly put up her hand. “Lyra, huh? Well, you join Melody’s group. They don’t have enough people.” It was purely coincidental, but she was glad with the group she was put in, even though Melody wasn’t. The project began.

In this project, groups given two tasks: To create a dance and a sing along to a song of your choice and to create an auto-biography of the artist. It was a big task that took at least three months. It was a bit hard to pick the song, considering everyone had different tastes. Matt wanted to do ‘Gunam Style’, Joey wanted the Mario theme song. Lyra didn’t have any particular tastes, Hannah and Melody wanted the song ‘Die Young.’ She had to admit, but Lyra was a bit against it, but in the end, ‘Die Young’ won due to majority. The singing practice began.

Melody was always a bastard when it came to music. She said she was good at leadership even though it was just being bossy. What annoyed Lyra the most, was Matt and Melody’s constant arguments about the smallest things.

“Right hand!”

“No, left!”

It was hard to keep the group from fighting, since they always got in trouble for being too loud. But one day, Matt just broke.

He stopped talking. He wouldn’t even talk to Joey, who was his best friend. He wouldn’t participate in practice. Matt was in full-on depression mode. He would cry every time when Melody started an argument. Lyra was very, very concerned, since Matt never cried. He never showed weakness.

“Lyra!  Go cheer him up!” Melody and Hannah whispered to her as Lyra leaned against the wall, looking at the depressed and angry Matt.

“Huh? Why me? Why don’t you ask his best friend over there.” She pointed at Joey.

Joey said quietly, “We’re kinda mad at each other, so no talking from me.”

“Then how is me talking to him gonna help?”

“Just try! You’re his girl best friend!” Hannah said.

“We need to practice, and we need all members to participate!” Melody said that loud enough to echo in the hallways. Obviously, Matt heard that and twitched.

“Shh!! And I can’t help. He just needs to be alone.” Lyra looked at Melody. “It’s your fault we’re like this, ya’ know?”

Astonished, she retorted, “How was it my fault! You guys are the ones not doing anything right! Especially you, Lyra!”

Matt spoke up in his deep voice, sounding threatening, “Hey...Melody...”


“Shut up...”

“Huh!?” Melody raged as she stepped a foot closer to him. Lyra stopped her. “You both are at fault. Mostly you, Melody. None of  you ever even asked for our opinion. There are three people here other than you.”

“I’m the leader, I decide what’s right.” Sneered Melody.

Angry, Lyra mumbled, “Who exactly made you leader. You have no leadership skills, nor are you sane. You’re just bossy, ya’ know.”

Melody growled at Lyra and grabbed Hannah’s wrist, “C’mon, we don’t need these talentless idiots!”

“But, wai-” Hannah looked at Lyra. Lyra just smiled weakly as her best friend got dragged away.

After they were out of sight, she others left to the classroom. Only Matt and Lyra remained. Matt spoke up, “Hey...thanks for that...”

Lyra really couldn’t tell when someone was being sarcastic. In so, she asked. “Sarcasm?” Matt shakes his head.

“It was nice to hear that from you...also I’m sorry.” Matt apologized.

Lyra tilted her head, “Why?”

“You said earlier that we never listen to what you and the others have to sorry for not asking for your opinion.”

“O-Oh..that. Don’t worry about it. At least you didn’t control any of us.” She smiled at him

Matt laughed. “Yeah, I’m glad I’m not like that.”

Lyra stared at his face when he said that. He... smiled.

Matt walked up to Lyra and hugged her. Lyra was flushed in embarrassment as she tried to push him away. “What, you hate me now?” he smirked.

“N-No!! It’s just...those rumors will start again.” Lyra replied as everything fell silent.

Earlier in the year, it was exposed that Lyra had a crush on Matt. Matt found out. Although the secret was exposed, Lyra kept denying it, saying it was a rumor. Many people even tried to get Matt to ask her out. One day, as people were talking to Matt about it, he bluntly said “I don’t and won’t ever like her that way. We’re just friends.”

Back then, Lyra already knew how she felt about him, but putting up a front, she walked away, trying not to show that she cared about that response. One thing led to another and people approached her with the same question. Matt was with them. Lyra responded, “Give me one good reason to like him that way. Besides, I’ve never felt that way about him, nor do I want to.” With that, the rumors died, along with Lyra’s feelings.

Snapping back to reality, Matt laughed a bit and let go, “Don’t worry; it was just a ‘thank you’ hug.” He petted her head, giving a somewhat reassuring smile.


The next day, Melody was absent. This was the greatest day ever! Joey, Matt, Hannah and Lyra were all participating and they came up with new moves. The group did a lot done and had fun in the process.

They took a break from their work. Lyra digged in her pocket and pulled out a fake ring. Matt took it from her hands and smiled. “This is how I would propose to my girlfriend.” He cleared his troth, got on one knee and stood next to Lyra. “Will you marry me?” He said in a swavue voice. At that moment, Hannah walked in front of him.

 Lyra laughed her head off, while Matt thumped his head on the ground. Hannah walked up to us, “What happened?”

Lyra laughed. “Matt! He just proposed to-” before she could finish, Matt covered her mouth with his hand. “Nothing! It was nothing!!” he said panicked.


After the period was over, everyone lined up to go to class. Matt stood next to Lyra and she talked to Hannah. He tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, where’s your phone?”

Finally realising that she forgot her phone somewhere, she panicked. “Oh my mom’s gonna kill me!!”

Grinning, Matt pulled out something from his pocket.

“My phone!” Lyra took it and hugged it. “Thanks!! You’re a life saver!”

He smiled silently as they headed to class.




To be Continued...

© Copyright 2020 Silver Stardust. All rights reserved.

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