Betrayal of Trust

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I wrote this after confiding in a cousellor issues I had been experiencing but only after a period of some unstability (of myself). She decided that I had been deceptive to her and dishonest even though at the time I was in serious survival mode. She then proceeded to totally ignore my pleas and would often not even acknowledge I was in the room....I was so gutted that such a professional could act in this way....

Submitted: January 25, 2010

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Submitted: January 25, 2010



Honoured with your sentiments as time went along,
I cannot comprehend why things went so wrong.
I tried to converse what I was prepared to forego,
but you ignored my pleas, it apparent I was to go.

Appearing so sensitive, but really you didn’t care,
your kind remarks a sham, false within the air.
I trusted your many words, sincere when often said,
but all whispered in vain, as the truth is said instead.

Why all of a sudden has it come this way about,
lack of understanding why you now have doubt.
I sit alone and ponder of the failings of me I see,
it wasn’t how I reflected of what you thought of me.

I’ve tried to converse, what could be instead,
fallen on deaf ears, no longer a road ahead.
I no longer know who to go and ask for advice,
not many can fill your place efficiently to suffice.

Screwing with my thoughts tormenting with my brain,
twisting the entangled mess that  I no longer can explain.
My life now feels so senseless, no longer seem to care,
my heart feels so broken, too fragmented to repair.

I no longer will discuss about my life again,
even if I feel the need I will forever now refrain.
You have wounded me so deeply so far inside,
never will I trust another, never will I confide...

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