Fall of Innocence

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Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



I’m in between a memory and a nightmare of my life,
time stopped in motion, frozen and in strife.
Took away my security, my thoughts love should be,
my innocence stolen, no longer a life so free.

Disassociation my armour to conceal feelings away,
years of suppression, now confused and afraid.
The memories of those times echo in my mind,
oppression at its finest, overpowered and unkind.

The recollections now return imprinted in my brain,
destroying my inner soul, never to be the same.
I tremble at my thoughts, and the tears I still hide,
tormenting my bleeding heart, such pain I feel inside.

Panic with confession, now you’re partially aware
ashamed revealing secrets never meant for me to share,
Dark thoughts deep within that frequently I dread,
ruminating  feelings constantly spinning around my head.

It was me that is to fault as I’ve kept my buried shame,
the darkest of my dreams, the innocence I can’t reclaim.
Locked within hidden coverts, tears fall as ashamed,
Speechless in humanity, indignity I lay to blame.

Torment due to silence empathy never heard,
a child full of innocence silenced without words.
Memories will stay forever leaving my heart behind,
A precedent that never passes, etched deeply in my mind.

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