Fractured memories

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My father left at the age of 5 and never saw him again other than at the funeral of his parents. I have limited or effectively no memories of him and do not understand how any parent can leave and never see their child again. He really is a fantasy fiure, an illusion that I have created all my life.

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



Imagination full of fantasy, so many dreams,
you seem so real to touch but far away it seems.
Words never passed, you never really cared,
instead a deluded and lonely nightmare.

Trouble with words to express what I denote,
a life of forlorn emptiness, a hole without hope.
No longer sure what is real, memories which I mean,
I try to make sense of the life I have dreamed.

The sense of reality I’m losing every day,
your face now in dreams, a fantasy gone astray.
In my very mind an unforgivable delusion,
as I drown deep within my own mental confusion.

Unforgivable pain and feelings that remain,
behind my steep wall, the memories engrain.
A meaning in your life, then vanished, no recall,
I once was your angel so delicate and small.

It brings about an emptiness, a heart so unrest,
trying to make sense of what life suggests.
Reflecting through my life, you’re really an Illusion,
fractured memories remembered, often in confusion.

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