Fred Brown and the Ice-cream Town

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This was inspired by my youngest child who has a passion for icecream and wanted me to write a story about icecream hence Fred Brown and the Ice-cream Town was invented

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



Fred Brown was a boy, a ordinary boy indeed,
his father an inventor, not superior I may decree.
They lived in a town, known for its greatest treat,
a palace of ice-cream, in every colour and every sweet.

Fred often visited the palace, the icon of the town,
all of those who worked there, knew of Master Brown.
This was his favourite place, a dream of where to go,
“The Great Ice-creamery” was the town’s greatest show.

The palace had ice-cream, which provided the world supply,
busy went the trucks to deliver the treats worldwide.
Fred Brown was so fascinated, in the life he watched ahead,
But unfortunately one day Fred went down to their working shed.

Watching the frenzied activity, in the room was Master Fred,
he accidently knocked, the “frozen” button off instead.
As there was so much ice-cream, no one noticed as such,
until the frozen treat, started to be like slush.

The weather was also warm, which hastened the runny drama,
soon flowed the ice-cream, in a stream of liquid lava.
Bulging on the windows and the many palace doors,
but they no longer could hold, the ice-cream on the floor.

It flowed out the windows, and streamed through the doors,
down the palace pathway like molten rock it poured.
It flowed through the gates, and past the entrance clocks,
the ice-cream slowly reaching, the family housing blocks.

Fred ran to his father and told him of the impending gloom,
he needed to invent a gadget to freeze the river doom.
Fred’s dad went straight to work and tried a few designs,
all were unsuccessful, despite his many tries.

Fred’s dad had one last idea, and needed to take a punt,
as the flowing torrent was rising upon the housing fronts.
He quickly invented a machine, that made a noise like “bing”,
they ran to the liquid mush, and tried the new machine.

The device trembled and shuddered almost like it sang,
“BING” went the contraption with a little of a “Blang”.
The ice-cream suddenly froze before their very eyes,
the houses were all saved, the township roared in pride.

Bulldozers cleaned the streets and until it was totally done,
the palace doors and windows, fixed as the ice-cream come.
The ice-cream button was turned, back to “freeze” again,
Master Brown became the, important button “watcher man”.

There still lays a glacier, permanent treat for the town,
 a daily ice-cream delight for Master Fred Brown.
The town now is famous and full of many cars,
an attraction to be seen from all from afar.

The legend still continues many miles away,
about Fred and the ice-cream, that totally went astray.
The ice-cream palace again, servicing the around the world,
his father now the hero of the disaster now unfurled.

“Dedicated to my youngest son
who loves ice-cream with a passion
 and gave me the inspiration to write this poem”

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