I Just Weigh Babies

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I wrote this as I am a Maternal and Child Health Nurse and was sick of people saying but you just weigh babies don't you...a bit tongue in cheek but a sense of fun at the same time...and no we don't JUST WEIGH BABIES!!!!

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



I Just Weigh Babies

(apologies to The anonymous author of I’m just a nurse…)


I just weigh babies


The day has begun with hustle and flurry

The time had come to weigh little Murray

Sleep and settling was first that was said

Referred to day stay to keep him in bed!


But I just weigh babies


Speech and development was assessed right away

Only to find this had gone astray

Children’s Specialist Services was contacted right then

But they were still assessing little Ben


But I just weigh babies


Commands little Murray did not follow

Hearings a problem I did hollow

For above the noise we could not hear

Off to the audiologist I said without fear


But I just weigh babies


Behind with his immunisations I did discover

He needs catch up I said to his mother

Poised with the needle I ran after him

He shook and trembled behind the bin


But I just weigh babies


Mum started crying right there in my room

She sobbed I cannot stand my depression or doom

I think of my baby that died before him

I think I have been punished for a terrible sin


But I just weigh babies


You should be proud of what you have done

I tried to be positive of a situation of glum

The mum did not see her achievements you see

She could not fathom how good he could be


But I just weigh babies


Positive parenting was next to discuss

You mean I can do it she said with a fuss

Empowerment came with encouragement and support

I think I can do it she suddenly thought



But I just weigh babies


I looked at him closely and noticed red dots

I found he was covered in spots

Chicken pox was the rash we had here

Home from childcare was this poor dear


But I just weigh babies


Mum stood up preparing to go

She made for the door with Murray in tow

I have not weighed him I suddenly thought

Up on the scales he defiantly fought


Because I do weigh babies


This mum finally left with a few things in mind

Hopefully she’ll fight away from her bind

With Murray in tow and referrals in hand

Her life no longer an hour glass and sand


But I just weigh babies


This was only the first client today

Imagine the rest in just one day

The referrals, assessments and advice we give

We hope is invaluable for these parents to live


But I just weigh babies


© 2002


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