My Eulogy, My poem, My thoughts

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I wrote this after I completed a course on self development. We had to write our own Eulogy...I decided I did not want the boring detailed report given and would rather that this just be read at my own funeral. It was an interesting thing to do to write your own Eulogy

Submitted: January 30, 2010

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Submitted: January 30, 2010



This sentiment is for you my dear loving friend,
Oh how I’ll miss you until I meet you again.
Your inquisitive nature, gentle, pure, loving and kind,
you’re the shining star that sparkles, so easy to find.

You reached for my hand and it was my heart that you touched,
with such inner kindness, your gift was so much.
This was worth so much more, than I can find in gold,
your compassion and love, I held to my soul.

You provided me with strength, when I needed it most;
you inspired my thoughts, when all hope was lost.
You brought out a world that was deep inside me,
your compassion and love shone through for all to see.

You shared your thoughts openly and let me share mine,
Not once did you judge, and allowed me to shine.
You said what you had to, but did not say more,
as you knew what the true meaning for silence was for.

It makes me smile as my life has now changed;
you passed on your secrets, your values and aims.
You would listen to my dreams and so truly care,
this was a bond for ever that will be ours to share.

You were an angel brought down just for me,
one I could confide in, and set myself free.
You always had faith glowing deep in your heart,
I’m sure this was so mankind did not fall apart.

When I needed you most you were always there,
you were my friend, and you were totally rare.
One sentiment and thought I’d like to get through,
Is to show that your gift was completely in you.


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