My Man!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
It doesn't matter what I do or how clumsy I am or if I say things not quite right my man loves me for who I am!

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



I often wonder what’s going through his amazing mind,
he loves me as I am, he is especially always kind.
He thinks I’m the princess even if I’m a clown,
he recognizes I’m not perfect and never ever frowns.

He watches me by day and comments all the time,
accepting me as is, imperfections of a lifetime.
He smiles at me lovingly, admiration at its best,
but then laughs out aloud as I’m tripping up the steps.

I accept I am clumsy for which I can be the jest,
its lucky we have any plates left, this I must confess!
Maybe I should be Greek, then I could lay blame,
but really it’s pure clumsiness, that I can lay to fame.

I try and stay upright without falling down,
but I’m am the person, who is now well renown,
He watches in admiration at my ridiculous pace,
chuckling at my clumsiness while falling on my face.

When I make a joke he bestows a funny smirk,
especially when I muck it up and it doesn’t work!
He beams at my metaphors especially when not right,
He listens very closely when I talk quickly with delight.

He sings along so beautifully, until I sing along,
but doesn’t mind a bit even if it’s wrong.
He thinks it’s sweet that I can’t hold a note,
he often laughs aloud as I sing the off keynotes!

He cackles at my organisation which is definitely a not,
especially when I try to find things when I’m in a knot.
He laughs when I ‘m frustrated waiting for things to be done,
He really thinks it’s funny when he thinks he plays along.

He thinks it’s really funny with the mannerisms that I’ve got,
he thinks it’s so funny when I sneak the chocolate block.
He loves my funny little ways no matter who I am,
He is definitely my soul mate, my man!

© 23/8/09

© Copyright 2020 Silver Wings. All rights reserved.

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