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This poem was written as I did and still suffer from extremes of anxiety and I have tried to describe to others so that they can picture how I feel

Submitted: February 09, 2010

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Submitted: February 09, 2010



My brain perplexed in complete trepidation,
while trying to oppress total apprehension.
Hands shaking, trembling unable to control,
panic within, my mind befalls this anxiety role.

I speculate as whether this feeling will end,
masking the feelings of the horror it descends.
Sensing as though losing control of my thoughts,
unable to oppress as my brain callously taunts.

I take medication to suppress fear set within,
but little it does when terror sets in.
I want to crawl within the darkest corner,
to hide from the world until this feeling is over.

Anxiety a cruel torture afflicting my mind,
affecting distorted thoughts so unkind.
Unless you have been there and felt the same,
not many can understand my tormented brain.

So hard to eradicate the feelings I possess,
an overpowering force that brings on distress.
I succumb to the panic I so often hide,
too afraid to tell others and demolish my pride.

All that I take only help in fractional parts,
they don’t take away the panicking heart.
I wish I could eliminate the dread I endure,
instead I surrender as my mind is obscured.


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