the silver acorn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a true story of a brothers promise that is kept from beyond the grave. A gift of love that transcends time and space. The gift of an acorn.

As I sat at the kitchen counter with my magazine and cup of coffee I could hear the stirrings of my fifteen year old daughter upstairs as she shuffled out of bed. "Mom" she called out as her bare feet slapped the wooden floor above. "Mom!" Accepting that my quiet morning time had reached it's end I spun my stool around just as flannel pajama'd legs made their appearance on the stairs.

"Mom, I had a dream about uncle Danny!" she said, her bright eyes meeting mine. Taken quite by surprise I just stared at her as thought after thought quickly rushed through my brain. Dreamed of Danny? How curious considering Danielle had never met him, he had died in a car accident befor she was born. What kind of image could she conjure up of an animated human of whom she had only seen in photographs. What would his voice sound like to her? Of course throughout her life I had always told her stories of her uncle and namesake. Danielle was very aware of how special a brother, son and friend Danny was in life, and knew also what an awesome uncle he would have been. Many memories had been shared with her and perhaps that was why she was able to dream of him, something that after 18 years I was still unable to do.

"You're kidding me" I said. The stool beside me remained empty, the cup of coffee grew cold as the world narrowed around us until it was just her and I. She stood there shaking slightly as she recounted her dream, and I was a rapt audience.

" I was outside in a field full of tables with people eatting. There were so many people, it was like a celebration or something. There was a stage or platform with a big long table on it with a bunch of people sitting at it and they were talking and laughing. The table was covered with platters and bowls of food. Near the end of the table was a big silver platter with a huge pile of acorns on it. I kept catching a glimpse of the person behind the pile of acorns and it looked like uncle Danny. I kept trying to see around the acorns to get a better look, and then he leaned over to say something to someone and they laughed. It was Him! I started to look through the faces in the crowd to find you cause I knew you would be so happy to know he was here but I could'nt see you."

" When I looked back at uncle Danny he was looking right at me and he raised his finger to his lips and went "shhhhh" He smiled at me and all of a sudden I could feel a really wonderful feeling wash over me. My whole body filled up with the most incredible beautiful feeling and it was his love for me. I could feel his love for me and he loves me soooo much!"  At this point in the telling of her dream she starts to weep, and as I look at her with wet eyes of my own I mentally whisper a "thank you" to my brother.

" There were some little kids running around and they ran up on the platform. As they ran around the end of the table one of the boys put his hand on the corner of the table as he scooted around it. The table shook and the acorns started to tumble. Uncle Danny  laughed as he caught the acorns and placed them back on the pile." "That's  all I remember" she says. "What do you think it means?" "I don't know" I said, and I didn't. It was just so awesome that she even had that dream. "What stands out in your mind as being significant?" I asked," We can look it up in the dream dictionary."

"I don't know, the acorns I guess. Why was there a big pile of acorns? It was like uncle Danny was guarding them."  I slipped from the stool and took the book from the shelf and flipped through the pages to acorns.

I can't remember the exact precise meaning any more but it went along the lines of..."successful future," "good outcome," and other nice things in that way.

"You know what?" I said? "I think the dream means uncle Danny is looking out for you and your future. He is protecting you like he was protecting the acorns, there to catch them when they fall."

"Really mom?, you really think so?"I looked her in the eye and said straight from my heart, "I know so!"

Time passed swiftly and befor I knew it Christmas was approaching. As usual I was racking my brain for "THE" gift. The one that stands out above all others. Aside from the typical gifts for Danielle, I try to think of atleast one that will have sentimental meaning or at least create the WOW factor. Suddenly I thought of the dream and knew I should get something having to do with acorns. But what? Oh, a pendant she could wear on her neck, and silver too 'cause the platter they were on was silver. Once I had figured out what I wanted to give her I became terrified that I would'nt be able to find it. A few phone calls later a tiny little acorn with a cute little cap and all in silver was ordered. I could'nt believe it. Life is'nt usually so accomodating for me.

Christmas morning gifts were exchanged and exclaimed over and after enough time passed for everyone to poke through their things, I went upstairs to get the "gift." Thinking the exchange was over Danielle was startled to be handed another gift, then she understood instantly that this one would be special. She delicately removed the white gauzey ribbon then paper from the small black velvet box. Opening the lid her eyes filled with water as they came to rest upon the little silver acorn on a silver chain. I leaned close and said " Now whenever the world gets scary, when you are worried about something or life is just plain uncertain, you will be able to reach up and touch the acorn on your neck and remember that you are not alone. You have uncle Danny watching over you and everything is going the way it is meant to." "Thanks mom, thanks dad" and she placed the necklace around her neck where it still is to this day.

Spring arrived and with it the gossip of a psychic that could not only tell you your future, but also give you messages from loved ones who had passed away. Messages from beyond the grave? Instantly I was transported back in time 19 years into the cab of my brothers truck. We were on our way to the city and to pass the time we were talking about life after death. After sharing our beliefs and ideas of what we thought it would be like or what we hoped it would be like we sat in silence for a few minutes mulling over the endless possibilities. "I'll make you a deal" I said. "If you die befor me, come back and let me know if there is something afterwards, and if I die befor you, I'll come back and let you know if there is something afterwards." "Deal" he said, sticking out a hand. We shook in silence, then suddenly burst out laughing at our seriousness. "Yep, I'm gonna come back and grab your feet when you're in bed." "Don't you DARE!" I shrieked, and we teased and joked our way down the long stretch of highway that shimmered in the summer sun, our laughter drifting on the breeze from the open windows. How easy to ponder death when you don't know it awaits around the corner. July 19th, 1987. Daniel Joseph Cormier, killed in a fatal car accident at the age of 26.

Okay, back to 2006. I could not wait to see the psychic. If Danny was going to keep his promise now would be the perfect opportunity. My appointment finally arrived, (and to be honest I can't even remember what she told me about my future. I did'nt care, I was'nt there for that) and then it was near the end of my reading when she started to tell me about spirits around me. There was a man named Steven around me, did I know a Steven? No, I did not. Did I miscarry a baby? A baby boy? Yes I had lost a baby but too soon in the pregnancy to know the gender. There are many child spirits around me, they are attracted to me. After a bit more discussion she then asks me if I have any questions. With a horrible sinking feeling in my gut I blurt out..."Well yah, I was kinda hoping you would have something to say about my brother." "THATS who I have been feeling here!" She exclaims. Oh Dear Lord I thought. Easy for her to say now. "There has been a male presence here behind me the entire time but I could'nt grasp what he was trying to say. Oh wow, his presence is getting stronger." "Whew!" she says fanning her face with her hands "I have never felt a presence so strong befor." Completely cynical now, I watch her add insult to injury and wish It was just over. " He wants me to tell you something"...and I'm thinking 'if she says that my brother wants me to know everything is going to be alright, I'm gonna be so pissed off.'There is a bit of a silence then she looks at me and says one word...

"Acorn?" Just like that. Pronounced like a question, almost as if she is embarassed to say it. I am plastered to the back of my chair and the top of my head feels like it is flipped up like the lid of a trashcan. Of all the words in the english vocabulary this woman had actually said 'Acorn'. I was still trying to wrap my brain around this when she said he had a message for my daughter. She had my full attention, and all my Faith. " He wants you to tell your daughter that he is wearing one on his belt."

Needless to say, you can imagine the profound effect this has had on our lives. Days after hearing this story my father stopped at a garage for gas. He then used the rest-room and when he went to use the sink there were three acorns on it. The day my mother took my daughter and I to visit my Nanny, we discovered upon arrival that she was'nt doing well. She died suddenly and later we noticed hidden among the flowers that wreathed the neck of my mothers shirt were acorns. It was a comfort to my mother to know that my brother was there. Acorns continue to show up in our lives, he is still here. I love you Danny.

P.S. ...but I still don't want you to grab my 

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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