Wind Clan

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Zepour is a young vampire trying to be her own person, what she doesn't know is that her mate has already found her.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Zepour’s opened her eyes just in time to see the last rays of the sun falling behind the trees.  She liked to wake at this minute in time.  She couldn’t go outside in the killing rays of the sun, but for just a few minutes she could look at them.  The warmth filled her, the sky lithe up with colors she could never mix.  Zep wanted to hold on to this image forever.  She reached for her camera, like every morning.  Later she would try once again to paint this beautiful sight.

After the light was gone, Zep closed her eyes and “felt” to see if anyone else in the house was up.  Hey older brother was still in bed, not surprising.  She mentally rolled her eyes.  Her mother was in the kitchen fixing food, and yes some vampires do eat.

Zep’s father was getting ready to leave; she heard there would be a counsel meeting, strange.  He was part of a counsel in vampire affairs.  In the last 100 years the vampire clans have came together, something that before that seemed imposable. 

While getting dressed she wondered what the night would bring.  She had school work to do.  She took some night courses, at the local Jr. College.After class she was going to meet her best friend at the all night coffee bar.  That could bring about any number of possibilities.  Kari, Zep’s best friend was what her name meant, a gust of wind.  She is totally unpredictable, it drove their parents crazy.  She didn’t normally do anything dangerous or harmful, just odd. 

A year ago Kari had wanted to go a concert in Paris, so after begging and having to take body guard, they got to go. It had been great, until Kari had decided to come home, to the US, by way of Bangladesh.  They had to dig holes in the woods, their body guards where pissed, not the mention what the parents had said.  Even her brother had taken a turn yelling.  He got to say out all the time, but they take a side trip, and they couldn’t be out of the house together for months. That had been bad. Zep’s dad still looked at Kari odd. 

She quickly looked at her watch, she had to fly.  Class started in 20 minutes that gave her time to get a good seat.  She was studying act history.  She knew she would probably never use it, but she loved to paint, and was fascinated by other artist lives. Her live as a female vampire was kind of mapped out.  Luckily she had been born after the counsel formed or her choices would be very different.

In the 21 century female where allowed higher learning.  At her age she would have found her mate and having little vampire babies.  That she wasn’t ready for.  Zep didn’t date, she liked school and toke it seriously.  She didn’t make time for dating.  Nortus was an exception; she would make time for him.

Just as she was thinking his name, said male walked into the room.  Notus was her brother’s best friend, and Zep had a huge crush on him. 

“Hello, good evening,” Notus is a large male breed for size and fighting.  It was a joke, but it was also true.  Vampire clans mated their young for genetics. Notus’ father is a prime fighter, meaning he fights on the front lines.  He’s mother taught the young female fights, new recruit. Both are well build Vamps.

Without so much as looking at Zep, Notus reached down and picked up her glass.  Drinking his fill he set it back down.  Notus grinned at her mother.  Both knew the old tradition of drinking form a female’s cup, a proposal of love and mating.  The love part only some of the time, but it did indicate deep feelings. 

Zep didn’t know this or she would be more shocked.  She just thought how rude he was becoming.

“Why do you always take over the second you walk into a room?”  Zep wished he would leave her alone.  The more she was around him the harder it was to act normal, whatever that was. 

“I don’t know.” He shrugged at her.

“Why are you here anyway, it’s a little early for my brother to be up.”  He never seemed tired, even through he was out with her brother late nights.

Notus looked down at Zep with a look she had never seen. “Escort duty”

“Escort? Who?”  Zep asked stupidly.  She looked at her mother, who conveniently turned.  Zep had seen the smile on her face. A set up and Notus didn’t seem too pleased. 

Her mother knew what was happening, Notus asked for the duty of escorting Zepour to her classes.  There was some trouble and Notus felt the need to protect his future mate.  Yes, he was their daughter mate, males could tell before the female.  It seemed to play into the male vampire ego.  Not much risk of failure.  This info they kept for the young females, it helped so that males didn’t pursues relationships not fated. 

Notus looked back down at her, his deep voice answering her like a child.  “You, who else?” Again Notus gave her that warming smile. 

Why did that smile fascinate her so much? Zep didn’t think she could spend the whole day with this male.  Either she would be nuts or she would spill all her deep secrets.  This PFT (Prime Fighter in Training) was the only person on earth she would melt for.  That was crazy; she didn’t want him to escort her anywhere. 

“Why?” She tried to ask without giving her self away.  She was trying to send her mother a signal. She widened her eyes and frond.  Couldn’t her mother she that she was going to panic?

 “My turn” The big idiot just looked down at her, then gave her another shrug.  Why didn’t the men in her life all have to be idiots?

She thought she heard her mother chuckle.  Ok, whatever that meant.

“I have some stuff to do after class, so…” she words trailed off.

Notus’ face hardened no one what ever guess the beautiful smile that he had just graced her with.  Now he looked intimidating, and he was upset at her. 

“I would never leave you unprotected.  I am you escort and I WILL escort you.” Fire shot through his eyes. “Do your other escorts let you go off by your self?”  His eyes shot to my mother, like he was going to yell at her.

“What is this all about? What do you care, I just didn’t want to waste your time.”  Zep jumped up, hands going to hips.  She was in all her female glory.  It was way too early for this crap.

“Why do I care?” He straighten up his body, he looked to be about 10 feet tall. “You are an important to us all, as a female” He didn’t want to use that work, he know what she would think. “You are one of our greatest treasures, and so will be protected.”

He looked angry but why?  She had staid way form him just incase he could sense the attraction she felt for him. Maybe he already could, and that’s what all the protectiveness was about.  Oh no, that wouldn’t be good.  He had never even really looked at her.  Pity, it was pity.

Notus saw Zep head fall down in what smelled like embarrassment.  Now what?

“It’s too early for fighting.  I’ll get my bag, and then we can go.  I don’t want to be late.” She hurried out of the room, head down.

Zep’s mother stared at Notus.  “That was impressive, you really care for her.  I know you asked for the duty, and I know why you drank form her cup.” She was a quite woman, looking to be around 30ish in human years.  She was probably closer to 100.

“Yes” he answered with a nod, “I will woo her, and then hopefully mate her.  For now I will protect her with my life.”

“When will you tell her your intentions?” Her mother knew Notus would need lots of patience to win Zep over.

“I don’t know when it comes up” Again Notus shrugged.

Zep’s mother rolled her eyes.  “Good luck with that.” She said, as she walked out of the room.

30 minutes later they would in her classroom.  Notus hated that they where so many unknown humans in the room.  He couldn’t sense any danger, but that didn’t mean anything.  He was on edge the whole time, from his view in the back of the class he could see everything going on around Zep.  He wanted to set behind her, but she has said it would be hard to concentrate. He wondered why?

Everything was fine until she “had” to stop at a store, 3 states away.  Notus didn’t have a problem flying there, it was what happened on the way.

Zep flew beside Notus for about 2 minutes, then got rebellious. With a smile her looked at him, the dove about 20 feet to the ground.  Notus was happy the play the game with her.  He followed close behind her.  Zep laughed at him for the first time.  The sound was beautiful, she wanted more. They flew though the moist clouds. She did laugh, as she dodged him and zigzagged though the air. 

“Ahh…”He heard her scream, more shock then fear, he looked down the see a male holding Zep. Notus roared, he was going to kill the male for touching his mate.

Well she would be his, soon.

Fly with speed no human could see, Notus flew toward the vamp.  When he reached the male he grabbed the hand holding Zep.  He though he ripped the hand off, blood shot by his head.


As soon as Zep felt the awful hand loosen on her arm, she pushed and lept away form the unknown male.  Too stunned to do anything but watch as the two males spun in the air.  Teeth, claws, fist, and feet, all seeming to search for a place to injure the other vampire.  The ground was rushing at them, Zep yelled at Notus that the ground was near, but he didn’t seem to hear her. 


Nortus paused in mid-air, he was trained to pay attention, but the thought of another male touching Zepour made him forget where he was.  His sudden stop allowed him to grasp hold of Zep, but the other wasn’t expecting it, he fell another 50ish feet before stopping him self.  That was all the time Nortus needed.  He told Zep to land over in an area with thick trees.  Then he attacked the stranger.

Zep watched them from the ground.  It was amazing.  Nortus’ skill was  far more advanced then the unknown male.  She heard grunts and growls, but couldn’t see much, they where moving much too fast.  She knew someone was bleeding, little drops of blood where falling below them a small pool forming. 


It seemed like forever, but the fight ended minutes later.  The other male fell to the ground unconscious.  Nortus’ boots making a loud thunk on the ground. Standing a few feet away she felt the vibrations. 


The large male was in a rage.  Zep took a few steps back. What would happen now, and why where they attacked?  She knew something was going on, but he father wasn’t a very important part of the counsel.  So this had to be random.  Right?


After a deep loud sigh Nortus turned to her.  His eyes moving rapidly over her body looking of any thing wrong with her.  He seemed satisfied; he let out a breath he seemed to be holding. 


“Are… you ok?” Zep asked stepping closer to him. 


“Yes, you?” Nortus asked quietly, he’s hand moving up towards her, but he didn’t touch her.  His eyes asking her something, but she just couldn’t read them. 

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