Alone, Alone, all alone in a wide wide sea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young boy. A ship and a sea. All alone...
This was something I wrote in the tenth grade. It's not the best but I hope you enjoy it. Contains some scenes of cruelty.


The sky was lifeless with large clouds shaped like turtle shells moving slowly over it. The sea was calm like a sleeping giant. A single shape moved over its surface. From faraway it would’ve seemed like a dot. On the contrary it was in fact one of the greatest ships that were ever made. The S.S. Silverthorne.


Waves splashed against the ship’s sides gently rocking it to and fro. The right side was damaged with burns and scratches. Some of the doors in it were broken off their hinges.  The decks were unsettlingly silent. So silent that it seemed as if there was no soul around.


Jonah watched the sea from the window in his cabin. There was nothing much to see since there was just water everywhere. He sat down at the edge of his bed and collected his thoughts. He was the only living thing on this ship (1). The only other survivor who had been with him till now had died that morning (2). He had been sailing for 4 months (3). Jonah looked around his cabin. It was a small room full of only red things. Red. Color of blood, anger, fire and many other things that gave people nightmares. Jonah laughed as if this was a joke though he knew it wasn’t. He got up and walked out of the room to see if he could find anything to eat.


Jonah was a tall slim boy of fourteen. Slim wasn’t the right word for it. He was thin like a skeleton and as pale as one too. His skin was prickled with scabs and scars. He was slightly muscular. Slightly. He had hazel eyes and a small nose. These were the last evidence that told he was once a beautiful boy.


Ten years ago Jonah Augustus was a strikingly handsome boy. He was very dashing for a four year old. He came from a good family who were respected by all those who were around them. His father Boris was a lawyer and his mother Miriam was an accountant. His older brother Jason who had just finished college had started working as a businessman. They were a very fine and happy family who helped everyone else. Then everything changed when the war came.


It started when the planet’s fossil fuels began to run out. The USA wanted authority over the Northern Fuel Fields but so did Russia. This caused a small war to begin. Britain allied itself with Russia so that it could take out USA and show that Britain was still strong while Germany who wanted to be powerful again joined itself with USA. The new super continent of Afro-India allied itself with Russia so that it can make Europe part of its own. This caused China (who had been getting benefits from this war) to join in with USA take out India. Japan became an ally of Britain so that USA would be taken care of. Soon many countries of the world joined in and caused World War III.


The war caused a lot of problems for the economy of the world. This was made even worse by the Blue Chip Incident. Some genius hacker had used this time to take out the stock market using an Extermination Virus called the Blue Chip. The hacker (who had turned out to be a wealthy businessman) had thought this would help his company to become the best in the planet. Ironically this caused his downfall when the virus caused the 4th Great Depression and caused unemployment all over the globe. The culprit was caught and jailed for the rest of his life. Yet the results of his actions still had a deadly impact on the world's economy. One of the people who were affected by this was the older brother of Jonah, Jason.


Jason lost his job and was forced look for a new one. Yet he remained optimistic and cheerful. He left for India hoping to find a job there which he did. Soon he had an apartment at one of the richest parts of Madras. He sent a message to his family that he was going to find a way to bring them there to live with him. They were all very thrilled. Ten months later a letter arrived from India. There had been a bomb attack on the brother’s apartment. He was dead. The war had taken yet another life from the world.


Jonah's father went into shock and never recovered. He left his job as lawyer and started drinking. He harassed Jonah and his mom. Then one day when he was returning from a bar he was hit by a car and died. Miriam and Jonah were devastated. Miriam was the only family Jonah had now. The two of them coped alright and they had some money still in the bank. Sometimes later she remarried to a man called Winston and moved to a small town not far away from where they used to live. They lived happily for a while and Jonah got a new brother called Lawrence. Jonah was seven years old by now and was very thrilled to have a new family. Although troubles were brewing up for the family once again.


The war ended with rise of the new International Government called the Chamber. They created a New World Order which caused the life for the employed hard. Winston left the family and Miriam was once again left alone to protect it. When Jonah was ten years old and Lawrence was three Miriam was affected by an exotic disease and had to stop working. The New Government Laws stated that if not even one person was working in a family they will all be executed as they were considered unfit for society or the family have to agree to execute the umemployed family member by their own hands. The Chamber’s Employment Police went after Jonah’s mother who protected her family for four years. In the end she realised she can’t do it anymore so she sent away her boys on a voyage with their uncle and aunt on the ship S.S. Silverthorne just a day before she was captured, tortured, raped and executed at a concentration camp 20 miles away from their home.


For a month the life on the ship wasn’t bad. There were lots of food, great services and many other pleasant things aboard. Still the boys missed their mother. They had no idea that she was dead until their uncle told them much later. Jonah didn’t speak much unlike his little brother who loved talking to everyone. Sometimes other kids on the ship came and talked to them. Thanks to the war they had been through everything Jonah had been through so even though he rarely spoke he easily became friends with them. Two kids became his closest friends. A boy called Philip and a girl called Victoria.


Philip Wendell was a very sullen boy. He became Jonah’s first and best friend onboard the ship. They met when Philip was investigating the cabins in the bottom deck. He was tall and fair. He had blond hair cut short. His eyes were blue and shiny. He was very resourceful but quiet. He usually wore a black jacket and a red top behind it with a grey trouser. His whole family had been killed in the war so he was travelling to Canada to find his uncle.


Victoria Elis was the same age as Philip and Jonah. She was constantly trying to get Jonah’s attention. Whenever she got the chance she would run off and latch onto him. Philip was the one who introduced her to him. She wasn’t too tall or too short. She had green eyes and long red hair. Her skin was tanned brown. She always wore a pink top and a pink skirt. Although she had a dark past just like the others she was normally very cheerful. She was travelling with her aunt who had no idea where to go.


Jonah’s life on the ship was great for about a month, but that was where it all ended. On the first morning of June the ship was attacked by pirates. It happened when one of the men who were put on lookout duty saw something moving in the horizon. The flag of the ship had the picture of a winged lion holding a flaming torch in one hand and a sword in the other. In the background was the International Merchant Symbol. Thinking that it was merchant vessel the captain signaled it come closer. Then the captain saw something strange when the ship was a few meters away. It didn’t have any products that could be sold. It had cannons and lots of weapons but no merchandise. What puzzled him even more was the crew. They were all armed to the teeth and looked exactly like how dogs would look when they see a piece of meat. They did not look like navy men which left only one obvious answer. They were pirates. The captain was trembling with fear. He sent out a warning message to all the passengers but by then it was too late. Had he been a bit calmer he would have at least saved himself but sadly he wasn’t. There was a secret cabin at the back of the ship on the third deck that was made especially for the captain’s pleasure where he could have retreated from the pirates. This was made in a special way so that nobody could notice. Nobody but one.


Around that moment Jonah was exploring the third deck to see if he could find anything interesting. He had seen the merchant ship before he came down here and the flag was permanently implanted in his observant mind. It didn’t take long for him to find the room. His keen sense of observation and his curiosity were the things to thank for this. He had noticed that one part of the wall had a slightly faded color and that this part of the ship seemed slightly bigger than it actually was.  While he was down there exploring a battle was going on the top deck. Jonah accidentally locked himself in when he got into the cabin so he didn’t see the pirates who were running around in the third deck plundering every cabin and they didn’t notice the secret room like Jonah. After a while Jonah heard a loud boom and was thrown against the wall. He realized instantly that someone was attacking the ship with cannons but who was it? Another boom and Jonah was thrown against the wall again. He tried to grab on to something but everything was being thrown around with him. After about 15 minutes the cannon firing had stopped. Either the ship was sinking or whoever attacking the ship had given up and left. Jonah didn’t leave instantly. His body was extremely bruised and he felt as if all the bones in his body had broken. It took him a really long time to get fixed up and move about.


What he saw outside made his insides turn. There were bodies everywhere. Some were decapitated. Some had their intestines spilling out. Some were hanging upside down. Jonah was so overwhelmed by the sight that he fainted. When he woke up he didn’t feel sick like before so he went to look for survivors. The ship was intensely quiet. Every time Jonah went into a room the first thing he saw was the body. He found so many of them that he had almost given up hope of ever finding a survivor. Then he heard the coughing.


Renzo Markov was a man of 87. He had a long bushy beard and thick eyebrows. He maybe old but he was still very strong. He had once fought in a war in his younger days but now he didn’t have that fight left in him. He lost his right arm in the battle years ago and his confidence with it. What was even sadder was the fact that he had an exotic disease which was killing him slowly. Jonah had found him cowering under a table in the captain’s quarters. For the next three months the two of them worked removing the bodies on the ship and survived by fishing and the food from the supply room. Renzo told Jonah about the ship that had attacked them. Renzo had figured out that it was a pirate ship by a few small features but sadly the captain had already sent the signal to bring the ship over. Renzo and Jonah remained close friends. Jonah looked at Renzo as an older uncle while Renzo looked at him like his own son. Everything was fine till the day Renzo died. The disease had finally overtaken him.


“Renzo’s dead,” Jonah said to himself. The man had been very close to him in the past 3 months. He looked out at the sea. He and Renzo never did find the bodies of Philip, Lawrence and Victoria. Sometimes he wondered what happened to them. Were they alive and out there somewhere? Jonah walked backed to his cabin to give Renzo a proper burial. It wasn’t actually a burial since there was no land anywhere around. Jonah took Renzo’s body to the furnace to be cremated. It was how the two of them had been getting rid of the other bodies for the last three months. Jonah remembered those gruesome days. He had fainted about 6 times altogether and had hurled about 10 times. He sometimes had nightmares about all those dead passengers. Nowadays he didn’t have that problem because he was used to seeing dead bodies every morning. He watched as Renzo’s body fall into the flames before walking onto the top deck. He saw some seabirds fly in the sky. He sailed the ship after them. Thanks to his time in the ship he had learned to sail it on his own. He wondered what his brother Jason would’ve said if he saw him now. The memory of his dead brother brought tears in his eyes. He wondered what happened to Lawrence. Was he out there wondering the same about him? After a while he anchored the ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean. The Silverthorne had a very long anchor so he didn’t have worry about the depth. he had heard a long time ago the engineer who built the ship made it so that the ship can be stopped at any spot on the sea due to emergencies and the anchor he had used was made of Elastonium, a metal that can be extended. To stop it from extending too long, electricity must be conducted through it. Jonah had learned how to do this during his past three months on the ship. He then got on the last lifeboat left on the ship and went off to fish.


This was another way he had been surviving. He knew that if he depended only in the supply in the supply cabin he would quickly run out of food. Renzo was a great fisher and he had taught Jonah how to fish. Jonah was a fast learner so he didn't take a very long time to learn. Once they caught five enormous salmons which had lasted for three days thanks to salt preservation. Today he wasn’t so lucky. He only caught one fish and even that was smaller than his pinky. He knew that this wasn’t going to last for long. He waited till dusk before giving up and going back to the ship. The fish had also rotted so he had to throw it away. He had to depend on the supply again. He had some fruits for lunch then went to the captain’s cabin and fell asleep.


The next day was a bit better. The sky was blue and cloudless. The sun was shining brightly. Jonah jumped out of bed.”Renzo!” he called. Then the memory of the previous day came, reminding him that Renzo wasn’t alive. He went to the Captain’s Quarters at the top deck. He took the steering wheel and sailed on the same direction he had been going in the previous day. He watched the sea carefully to see if there were any ships around. Nothing was on sight. He used his handmade bow and arrows to take down a sea gull. It tasted good when roasted. When he couldn’t see anything interesting he went around seeing if he could find any bodies to get rid of. He had been using the ship’s guest list to see who was done and was not. Sometimes the bodies were so disfigured that it was hard to figure out who it was and wild guesses had to be made. According to the list there were only nine other passengers unchecked excluding him and Renzo. Philip, Lawrence and Victoria were nowhere to be found. A couple of teenagers were in the cellar with deep cuts on their stomach and in an embrace. A decapitated musician was in the dining room. An old man and his son were tied to a pole headless. The kitchen maid who had been boiled in a large stove. These people were yet to be cremated. Jonah did this quickly and went on with the usual routine of cleaning, bathing, fishing and then sailing. Then he went to bed. He couldn’t fall asleep so he went to the theatre to watch movies. He found a very old romantic horror movie about a very pale and shiny boy and his girlfriend, a sci-fi movie about guys with glowing swords and green elves and a fantasy movie about a boy who is pitted against a nose less bald guy. They were good and after awhile Jonah fell asleep.


His luck came and left the next day. He saw a ship sailing in the horizon. He tried his best to signal them to get to him but it was all in vain. In the end he went into the Captain’s Quarters to see if he could find anything that could help him. He once heard the captain speaking to one of the ship’s chief workers about the signaling devices on board. There was supposed to be a certain button to do the trick. He just had to find the right one. There were a lot of buttons. He didn’t know what was what. He knew about a few of them because he found an old book about sailing in the captain’s cabin. Still the Silverthorne was no ordinary ship. It was one of the greatest ships ever made and it had some complex mechanisms. He didn’t want to press the wrong button. After lots of serious thinking and coin tossing he looked down at the big blue button and the big red button. One of them would send a signal while the other if- he was correct- would activate the cannons. He had seen in many movies that it was always the big red button that causes all the trouble so that can’t be it. It had to be the blue button. Closing his eyes he pressed it. Nothing happened at first. Then there was a loud boom and a jerk. He had activated the cannons! He saw the ship in the distance turn sideways as large splashes erupted around it. There was another BOOM and this time Jonah was thrown against the side of the ship. The other ship had fired. They must have felt threatened. The shooting continued for about 7 minutes before the other ship retreated. Jonah now realized why the called the Silverthorne one of the greatest ships ever made. No ship can survive this many cannon shots. Jonah went over to look for the other ship but it wasn’t there. He swore out loud. He had missed his only chance to get to land with actual living people. Later that afternoon an old pelican came to live on the ship. Jonah fed the pelican some fish. The rest of the day continued like the usual. This time he watched just one movie before bedtime. It was about a group of short people, some warriors and some wizards who go to a volcano to destroy this super powered jewel. Jonah didn’t understand why anyone would want to destroy something so precious. As he lied on his bed he saw the faces of his brothers and friends and thought about their fate. What would happen to him?


Jonah woke up with an enormous yawn. He didn’t want to get up but he forced himself to. He saw nothing interesting (which was what he saw all the time) so he went to the bottom deck. There was an underwater observatory there. He looked through the glass window into the sea and watched the life underwater go by. He saw various kinds of organisms. Some were big and some were small. Some were long and some were short. He saw sea-turtles, sea- serpents, jellyfish, sharks and many more. He wished he could stay down there forever. He went back to the Captain’s Quarters to sail the ship. He took down two sea birds and after breakfast fed the old pelican which had been nesting in the ship. He caught an enormous fish which was delicious. He listened to songs from the old times through the captain’s Sound Projector. There was one that had the word baby said a lot of times in it, there were two about Friday nights and old Korean song which he didn’t understand but sounded very good. Jonah liked the last song the best. He fell asleep before he knew it.


Something incredible happened to Jonah the next day. He woke up to see an object floating in the distance through his window. He quickly ran to the observation deck to see what it was. It was another ship. He wanted to call out to it but something wasn’t right. The ship seemed to have a lot of cannons but it didn’t seem like a navy ship. He went to look through the telescope he had installed in the secret room. He almost screamed with fear. This ship had a similar flag to the one that attacked the S.S. Silverthorne. In fact it was the very same. He looked at the crew of the ship and knew in an instant that they were pirates. “They must be the same pirates,” he thought. To his horror he saw the ship turn towards the S.S. Silverthorne. Jonah panicked he was in real trouble now. He paced up and down the room thinking. The other ship was far away so it may take about 30 minutes to get to this one. Maybe he had a chance. Suddenly an idea popped in his head.


Jonah piled all the explosives, gunpowder alcohol and fuels in on room. He piled all the valuable stuff from the captain’s secret room in the middle of the top deck hoping the pirates could see it all but not him. Then he left all of the doors (which were still standing in their hinges) open. Finally he went to where Mr. Pelly the pelican was nesting and shooed it away. With a loud “Squawk” the bird flew away. After doing all this he waited.


The pirates didn’t know it was the same ship they had looted three months ago. This was because ship had changed a lot. There were holes all over the top deck, paint was scratched and was falling off and the flag was missing. The pirates initially thought about leaving but then they saw the valuables scattered all over the top deck and went aboard. They had no idea this was all planned. After looking around the wrecked top deck the pirates went onto one of the cabins leaving only one out for guard duty. “Now’s my chance,” thought Jonah. He went behind the pirate lifted his foot and sent it straight into the man’s groin. The man made a soft squeak as he dropped to the ground. Jonah got onboard the pirate ship and moved it away from the Silverthorne. Then he aimed carefully and fired cannons towards the window of the room where he had set his pile of inflammables. The Silverthorne erupted in flames. Even it couldn’t take being cannoned this many times and being destroyed from the inside was even worse. The ship sank taking the pirates with it.


The new ship was better than the Silverthorne. It was larger and had a better durability. It even had a larger food supply and more lifeboats. He took down the pirate flag then used his imagination to create a new one. He found a blue piece of clothing. He drew a face of a pale boy with diamonds on his face. Then he added two hands, one holding a wand and the other holding a glowing sword. On the fourth finger of the right hand was a ring. Below the image Jonah wanted to write the name of the new ship. He remembered the passengers of the Silverthorne. He thought about the pirates’ cruelty and their fate. He smiled. He knew the perfect name for the ship so he wrote it down. The S.S. Avenger. As he was putting the flag up he heard a familiar “Squawk”. He looked up to see Mr. Pelly nesting close to the flagpole. “Hello old friend,” whispered Jonah before throwing a small cooked fish in the direction of the bird. The pelican swallowed it in on gulp. Jonah laughed at the bird before going off to explore the ship.


Jonah was in the third deck when he heard the voices. They were soft and one of them sounded like the person had been crying for a long time. “Why can’t they just let us leave?” sobbed a female voice. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” soothed a male voice. “No it won’t. You know it won’t. We’re going to be stuck here for the rest of our days,” shrieked another male voice which sounded a bit younger. Jonah thought the voices sounded a bit familiar. Yet he grabbed a long pole before entering the room where the voices were coming from. What he saw in there brought tears in his eyes. Tears of joy.


They looked slightly different since the last time he saw them. They were slightly taller and looked a bit more worn out but it was them alright. “Philip! Lawrence! Victoria!” Jonah cried as he ran towards them. His old friends were confused at first but then they realized who it was. The reunion was long and tearful (especially with Lawrence who held onto his brother for a whole twenty minutes). Jonah told his friend about his adventures and how he defeated the pirates. The friends were overjoyed when they heard about the pirates’ demise and were impressed with Jonah (especially with Victoria who had already been impressed by him). Philip told Jonah that on the day the Silverthorne was attacked the three of them had been playing together. The captain of the pirates Blue Beard had captured them and made them his slaves.


The four friends planned their next move. They each took a respective job. Jonah would be the captain, Philip would be the cook, Lawrence would do the cleaning and Victoria would look out for land. Jonah taught his friends how to survive in the sea. Mr. Pelly became part of the family and helped Lawrence clean up (unintentionally) by eating any food scraps on the ground. 3 more months passed and finally the four friends saw land. It was a small island shored with rocks. They anchored the ship close by and used a lifeboat to get to shore. The people who lived here were very kind and helpful. They told the children that every month Trading Ships would come here and that they would take the children away. Till then the children stayed on the island and survived with the help of the inhabitants. The Trade Ships came on the fourth week since the kids’ arrival on the island. Before leaving the children gave the islanders the S.S. Avenger and everything in it. The pelican had grown close to the children and decided to go with them.


The captain of the ship was an old man who was more than happy to help the poor kids. He said that the ship has been travelling for about nine months and was returning home which for Philip’s joy turned out to be Canada. After two months the children had finally reached Canada. By then Jonah and Philip had turned fifteen, Lawrence had turned eight and Victoria had only a week till her Birthday. With the help of the kind captain the children tracked down Philip’s uncle who took the children in with open arms. He even let Mr. Pelly stay.


And what happened to the Chamber? It had fallen. It had made way too many mistakes to be in favor of the people. Now the world had changed into how it was before with each country having its own leader. Meanwhile a genius inventor had invented a new artificial but renewable resource to replace fossil fuels. Slowly the world was changing into a better place. The luck of the children was also changing for a better turn. The children lived happily in their new home. They were now a family. Jonah grew up and became a lawyer like his father. Lawrence became an accountant like his mother. Victoria became doctor and continued trying to get attention from Jonah. Philip became a wealthy business man and was revealed to own an enormous estate from his parents. Their lives were happier and the memories of their horrible childhood became nothing but a forgotten dream.

Submitted: January 23, 2015

© Copyright 2020 silverdrip. All rights reserved.

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