Getting over you

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how a girl feels when her heart has been broken

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011






Months pass
I am not yet fully over you, but the memories are fading away.
I hear our song on the radio.
It brings it all back.
You looked deep into my eyes and said 'I love you'
I thought you meant it.
It took me time to say it back to you
I couldn't stand having my heart broken one more time.
The next day, I stared into you beautiful hazel eyes.
Our bodies only an inch apart, you told me you loved me, again.
I thought I was ready and said 'I love you' back.
You weren't showing it but I could see your face fill with relief.
You had been waiting for me to say it.
We kissed.
Your lips provided me with heat, passion and love.
They were warm and soft, too warm.
Your dark shaggy hair was in your face,
You slowly pulled away.
I thought 'This isn't right, it's supposed to be longer.'
With everyday that came, it felt like we slowly drifted away from each other.
Talked to each other less and less.
The song ends and I realize, it's all over.
The pain. The thought of you cheating on me.
In some ways, I still want your soft, strong arms around me.
But I know you have moved on.
So have I. but not fully.
I realize it's for the best we're over.
I remember that I have better things to worry about.
Now there's someone in my life who treats me right.
Takes me for who I am.
Says he loves me, and means it.
Day by day, I start forgetting everything that happened between us.
Its okay now.
The pain is gone.
I take you as a friend.
Someone that won't betray me.
I don't need your love, I need your support.
And I'm glad you're not afraid to provide it.

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