Shadows of the Soul

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What lives in the Shadows

Submitted: March 19, 2007

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Submitted: March 19, 2007



Sitting in your world alone with the cold everyday life
passing by day in and day out.
Not knowing one from the next a never ending blur of dates and times
go here, do this
only to come back home and sit in your world once more alone with the cold
You awoke with a start,
something was there you could feel just at the edge of your senses.
You reached and searched yet gave up
learning to accept the rejection of what you feel is not yours.
But it stayed torturing, tormenting you playing in your emotions,
tickling over your skin
all new and strange yet right ,
but yet you still could not grasp it,
could not look it in the eyes
could not see it really existed outside your mind.
Until the little whisper a tiny yet strong voice lifting up out of the depths,
whispering across your heart, sending you images of fantasies you never knew you had
"look up I am the one you seek"
"know I am the shadow on your mind"
"Feel I am the beat in your heart"
"see that I exist more than just as the poet in your soul"

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