This Is Goodbye (poem)

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A poem about a friendship that ended in a horrible way.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011





This is not what I wanted.


My hand was offered when you asked for it,

My mind was given when you fought for it,

My heart was opened when you begged for it,

My trust was bestowed when you worked for it.


I was a meek child, you were a humble leader.

I was an uncertain sister, you were a gentle brother.


Your advice was offered when I asked for it,

Your insight was given when I fought for it,

Your ear was opened when I begged for it,

Your friendship was bestowed when I worked for it.


You taught me to be humble and to walk a mile,

You taught me to be loyal and to give second chances.


But life played out before us,

We each had our own experiences,

I'm not who I was,

You're not who you were.


Where I am strong, you are conceited,

Where I am confident, you are rough.


You slap away my hand when I offer it,

You twist my mind when I give it,

You tear my heart when I open it,

You betray my trust when I bestow it.


You used to be strong, but now you're oppressive.

You used to be a leader, but now you're a commander.


Your spite is offered if I ask for your advice,

Your judgment is given if I fight for your insight,

Your mouth is opened if I beg for your ear,

Your back is bestowed if I work for your friendship.


What happened to "I'll always be there"?

What happened to "you can count on me"?


Six years of a growing friendship,

But it slowly faded out.

Six years of a stability point,

But it slowly slipped away.


When I finally found the courage to fix things,

You backed away and ignored my attempts.


I tried to keep it strong,

But you kept resisting.

I tried to hold on,

But you kept letting go.


The strength you gave me will keep me going,

Even though I've lost you.


When I came to you with my trouble,

You threw up a front and raised your voice.

When I came to you with my distress,

You threw up a wall and raised your hands.


I knew you wouldn't respond, I knew you wouldn't reply.

Sometimes being right isn't all it's cracked up to be


You're not worth the effort trying to explain,

Its time to let things go.

You're not worth the tears trying to apologize,

Its time for me to finally move on.


This is goodbye.

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