what is a world without love?

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another 2 a.m. writing

Submitted: January 02, 2010

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Submitted: January 02, 2010




what is a star?

but something so distant to wish apon

what is a flower?

but an object of affection

what is chocolate?

but a girls way out

what is a hand?

if it has nothing to hold?

what is a phone?

if you have no one to get a hold of?

what is love?

Ah! but a magnificent thing! something only some dare to dream!

A thing of beauty in its beholder! a thing which is not easily given or returned as fast!

but love is the thing that causes us to last!

imagine a world without love

where would we be?

below the ground?

under the sea?

would we even be here? lying in the ground?

what would we do? if love wasn't around?

would we cry. beg, would we try again?

but if the world has gone a-rye then how will we know if love has come again?

so that's why my friend we cannot lose it

or it is the end.

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