My Father's Sacrifice

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I wrote this story in 9th grade will keep on working on it and will accept any ideas offered.

Submitted: September 08, 2017

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Submitted: September 08, 2017



My Father’s Sacrifice

Our city is at war, and we're trapped inside a bubble. This war started nearly 20 years ago in 2028 because of the laws governor Balsam made which forced people to choose a side and divide themselves into two groups. The Brajj and the Rukk.
At first, it just started by protests, then the action rose to burning down houses of opposite sides, then that rose to gun fights which of course evolved into war. In the first year of war it was just weeks before Bob and Alanna got married and that's when disaster happened... they were both on a mission to take on the Brajj but they were located at different locations it was going to be simultaneous attack of 5 squadrons, the thing was that didn't know that the Brajj had gotten better weapons from the black market until it was too late, and as the two mercenaries made their move their whole squadrons were taken out one by one. The squadrons never made it back, nor the mercenaries.
It was dreadful truly but soon forgotten, in three days they were forgotten all of this because they don't have time to mourn, only war.
Today I am looking for Silverskull, it's been two weeks since I've been looking for him, heard that there have been sightings of him in the desert, so far I have seen nothing but sand in this torrid arid region, I look around and see a gargantuan sandstorm heading towards me, I tear through the desert as far as I can from the storm, as I run for my life I see a decaying stone hut and dart towards it. I made it in time, just exactly 2 seconds later the storm hits and the entrance is consumed by the sand and blocking the only exit in this death trap. I spark on a flare and notice that there isn't much in here but then I notice something shine off the blaze of my flare in a pile of rocks in the corner, I slowly chuck away rocks off and realize it's a hatch, I open it and go down the dark hole for what seems like climbing an endless ladder soon came to an end and there was a blue glow emitting from the walls and at the end of the corridor there is a metal door and I curiously open it and go inside, I find an entertainment area with a kitchen and two doors, one of them is open and appears to be a bathroom inside, I go towards the closed door and with a confident hand turn the handle and slowly open the door revealing a bedroom. Inside is a bed and a drawer and it looks like there was someone here recently. I go towards the bed but suddenly get attacked from behind and go unconscious. I wake up to the smell of pancakes and eggs, a muscular man wearing a black and blue shirt and black pants and a smart band on his wrist, walking towards the couch I'm laying on. 
“Who are you, and who sent you” he demands savagely.
I quickly respond “I am cyan, I came on my own, I am on a search mission to find the notorious mercenary Silverskull.” 
“Well you're sitting before him right now, but we need to leave this place as soon as possible.” he says hurriedly.
“Why?” I ask.
“Because this place is going to be bombed in 20 minutes, so get all that is useful while I go get something from my room.” He says with a worried voice.
I quickly do as he says and get as much as I can, flares, and many useful items we might use. Then Silverskull comes out of the room with two backpacks and two duffel bags he gives me one of each and signals to go up the ladder, I nod and go. I climb up the ladder as quickly as I can. I try to get to the top as quickly as I can. And get out as quickly as I can and run outside.
Soon as I get out I am blinded by the sun's rays but also realizing that the storm is gone and in its place I see that there is a whole army outside waiting for us, they take aim and load their weapons lightning fast. 
I scan the army and see that a small squadron approaches with three people in the center and they toss them in front of me and they untie them and take the bags over their heads. I see that it's my family my mother Alanna, my brother Taurus, and my other brother Enrique. As soon as the squadron leaves they quickly get up and hug me saying that they're sorry for sen - the floor rumbles and we look around and we see something small fire into the sky and then quickly come down next to us. We look at it and it quickly turns on a cyan light, the army starts firing but before any of the bullets can hit us a bubble appears around us and diverges all the projectiles. As soon as I saw this happen I knew that this was a diversion and that something even bigger was about to happen. After the projectiles hit I saw a blue blur, blurrily blur blurrisly by, beaming blue brilliance, blinding my eyes but also clearing the smoke and right in front of us was Silverskull wearing a black armor/jetpack type thing, boots which were glowing blue, and on his forearms he was wearing blue lighted cuffs and his smart band. He hovered in the air then looked at us and took off his smart-band and threw it at me and a hole opened in the bubble to allow the band to enter and as soon as it went through it closed, on the band's screen it said open the packs. We opened the packs and inside were what he was wearing and we put it on took off and flew with him and from there we went to the city where the war was still taking place we found a loudspeaker and told them to stop and set their aim towards the east of the city and wait for the signal to attack they looked up to us as if we were gods, they obeyed us instantly after that we went to the capital and took out most of the defenses but that rendered our armor almost powerless, we ripped through the building with ease to the main room where the governor was expecting us and he shot himself after saying sorry for all that he has done. Silverskull quickly went to his desk and looked under his desk for the panel that took down the giant bubble but before he could press the button the second in command shot the panel ruining it. Taurus didn't hesitate to punch him in the chest breaking his ribs, killing him instantly. 
Silverskull says “Time to get you guys out of here, Alanna I don't know if you remember me but I am Bob your fiance and I'm guessing you three are my children am I right?”
“Yes you are right and we’ve, I've missed you so much and by the look on your face it doesn't look like we'll be seeing you again…” she responds. They all take off from the building towards the city where the army is at.
“Go join the Brajj and the Rukk to fight against the rest of the capitals army. I know you will succeed. That building will blow up in 5 minutes enough time for me to say my goodbyes, the explosion is the signal, take these blue cubes they will provide you with enough energy to last you 10 years. Cyan in the band is the blueprints for all my inventions that's for Enrique so that he can make more, trust me you'll need them later on, there is also something in there for you Cyan and the band is for you to keep Cyan, Taurus you get something very special here are the coordinates to your surprise trust me it's worth it. And at last you honey your surprise it is behind a locked door thirty-five feet west of Taurus’s surprise with a password only you have, the name we both first thought of for our child.” (Kisses her) “I have to take out this bubble that has been blurring our sight for many years,” Silverskull tells us. 
“This is goodbye.” Silverskull finally says. He then takes out a red cube, puts it in his suit and flies towards the center top of the bubble and hits it, with a loud boom and an explosion so intense that it pushes the rest of us away. At that moment we vowed we would bring this war to an end and take down the real mastermind behind all of this, but when we saw what was going on in the outside world we knew that it wouldn't be easy without our dad at our side to help us.

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