The Unsolved Mystery

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This story is completely fictional. It's written in a first person point of view about a city that has been experiencing unexplained occurring event. In which, the main character is gonna experience.
It's also the 1st story I posted.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




Long and dark days continued, bringing no hope to the citizen’s of Maero. Some were agonizing over the loss of family members or beloved ones while others are packing up as fast as possible to avoid being victims themselves. Innocent citizens or travelers go missing each day and the police have been searching for clues that might solve the mystery but to no avail.

On a lonely, starless night, the roads were filled with only dust and emptiness. I was strolling alone and all I could hear was my own footsteps. Left foot, right foot, left, right on the dusty pavement. As I passed streetlights, one of them flickered, I looked back reflexively. There was nothing, yet a chill went up my spine. Tucking my jacket tighter, I went on.

The sound of silence was so loud it would’ve deafen people. As I went on my way back home, the silence was broken by a faint chatter. I slowly turned, with eyes closed. Time seemed to slow down as my heart throbbed. Opening my eyes, I braced myself for what might be in front of me.

Four jet-black paws, a long white-tipped tail and two huge, glowing emerald eyes. The cat tucked its ear and hissed, startled by my appearance. I sigh in relief as it ran off. Yet, I’m still not at peace. Ripples of shiver constantly warns me about the unseen, I picked up my pace. I could feel my face beaded with sweat, my heart pounding uncontrollably and my mind muddling. I tried to fight this panic but the more I tried, the more frightened I felt. In the end, I ran from the invisible threat at full speed.

As I neared my house, I relaxed a bit. I took out the key to my home, unlocked the door and quickly closed it after me. No one was home, I knew that. My family went to Canada with my brother to support him in the competition. As I was heading to the staircase, something chilled my bones, sending shivers from top to bottom. Trying to convince myself, I ignored the presence of tension in the air.

Locked myself in my room, I hoped that I would be safe. As I got ready to change and brush my teeth, the toilet flushed. I froze, in terror, in front of the bathroom, waiting for something to show up. I could hear the tap running. I stared, sweat running down my face. Picking up courage, I approached the door. Every step I took brought me closer to the thing that has been haunting me. Hand trembling and eyes darted around to find the nearest and fastest way out, I reached for the door. Now that I am standing close, I could hear humming, humming an eerie song which sent shivers. Now holding on the handle, pushing the door open is the last thing I want to do.

Sirens blared outside, police officers booted down the door open and the heavy footfall searched through the house. Reporters filled the house, searching for clues of the mysterious kidnapper. Out of the blue, the humming lead a policeman to a room. A girl’s room. He went in, careful not to step the scattered belongings on the floor. The tap water flowed down quietly but beside it was a girl, hiding her face. She sat there motionless. The policeman turned and called out to his friend only to find the girl in front of him.

More police came to the scene. Tearing apart the house and not finding a single clue, not even their fellow member, left them all flustered. News spread on quickly like fire burning paper on how the police still has not solved the mystery. People left the once beautiful city, Maero.


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