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i went home this wekend to surprise my mum and dad...its the first time they have seen me since i started university!
...basically my thoughts as i travelled and arrived!

Submitted: October 22, 2006

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Submitted: October 22, 2006




Like an assassin, creeping across platform

Making waves quickly as the speed intensifies

Home is where the heart is,

The head is irrelevant now!

The city lights beaconing

The ‘eye’ marks the spot

Back on home soil!


Buzzing, shouting, heckling

The underground and street are merged as one

Concrete slabs to the finish line

Or could it be the start?

Jolted at the speed of sound.

Emerge unscathed in the future


Engulfed by the pandemonium

The feeling is indescribable

Packed like sardines in a can

Find the bell and escape!


The ground and air, colder than I had remembered

The air down south is sweeter!

Pulling the load behind me

A burden, ready to be unearthed

A pressure cooker ready to burst

Now inland, anticipating a response

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