Love, The Law, and The Galaxy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the beginning, the galaxy was separated into species and planet. But the discovery of a rare mineral brings together all the alien races, bonding them together in an alliance, and the galaxy
prospers. But, an alien race known as the Caladuerns has taken control of the galaxy through political corruption, and the only thing that can stop them is a rare stone, that was hidden away
thousands of years ago. Now, it has been stolen, and the thief's motives are as mysterious as she is. Now Tengai, a space cop, must team up with this thief from her past in order to set the galaxy
right again. Along the way, they will experience love, pain, and awesome chase scenes as they fight for love, the law, and the galaxy.

Table of Contents

What Makes the Universe Sparkle?

Author's Note: So, this is exciting! My first ever story online! I have never shared my writing with other people before, so I really appreciate any feedback you guys can give. I put out the first
three chapters because I had already finished them all. As I'm in University, I am very busy, so I will publish more chapters when I can get time in. Hope you all enjoy!!!!
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Code MotherShip

  It had started out as such a good for Tangi. She had woken up early and instead of going to work, she had the entire day to do... Read Chapter

The SpaceShip Door

The figure at the top of the ramp was hard to see, due to the fog created by the air inside the ship being released. After what seemed li... Read Chapter