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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its thoughts about wanting to die

Death or Life which should I choose,

Life or death either way I lose.

That is the answer I wish to know

and is the question that inside me grows.

Will I ever find the truth

Yo mister can you tell me the end of the movie Babe Ruth.

No one will miss me when I'm gone

My existence was a ghost to all but one.


My life was a sad tale full of regrets

Most days spent blinking, drinking and bets.

It wasn't always so.

I had in my days so much more.

What did I do wrong?

Why did I hear that song?

That song was the start of all my pain

It was the instrument of all this disdain

Would it change if there was no rain.

If I believed in change would the outcome remain the same?

Or is it life telling me that this is all one big game.


Is it that simple, Can change really happen in just one moment.

Are miracles signs of things that are just wrongly sent.

Is this my revelation?

Will it lead to temptation.

Or was that all just an illusion.


What do I have to live for?

What is worth my possessions and lore?

I don’t really know any more

but maybe things aren't such a bore

perhaps I can see more than just the gore.

The beauty and that guys music score.

Despite that Death is all  that begins to gather before me.

Perhaps the choice and path I should take isn't the one laid out for all to see.









Submitted: October 28, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Silverstone. All rights reserved.

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