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Its about aliens who are looking for the murderer of their parents.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Mission

SYCO AND THE MISSION CHAPTER 1 THE MISSION Just recently scientists were looking for alien life and believe it is somewhere i... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 Their Powers

CHAPTER 2 THEIR POWERS ------They had powers but they didn’t know how to use them, which was a problem and then they wondered h... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 The Martians

CHAPTER 3 THE MARTIANS The two red intelligent life forms said \"Iam Fica and Iam Lix pleased to meet you.\" Fica states \"Wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 Solar System

CHAPTER 4 SOLAR SYSTEM Fica states \"The solar system consists of nine planets which are called Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 The Conflict

CHAPTER 5 THE CONFLICT Syco and Vic enjoyed each others company but then something went wrong, ah I won’t tell you what went wr... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Meteorite

CHAPTER 6 METEORITE Syco surprisingly says \"I thought planets only moved in an orbit.\" Vic says \"It’s not a planet you i... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 It's A Bit Too Quiet

CHAPTER 7 IT’S A BIT TOO QUIET Vic says \"Do you have that feeling.\" Syco articulates \"What do you mean that feeling.\" V... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 Milky Way Leaks Away

CHAPTER 8 MILKY WAY LEAKS AWAY Believe or not they were in the Milky way. Suddenly two things appeared from nowhere it was intell... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Not Again

CHAPTER 9 NOT AGAIN Vic says \"Simple we need to find the portal key service dilemma.\" Syco asks \"What does all that mean?\... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 The Space Shuttle

CHAPTER 10 THE SPACE SHUTTLE What Vic had seen was a space shuttle. Syco asks \"What is that?\" Vic replies \"It’s a sp... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 The Explosion

CHAPTER 11 THE EXPLOSION But Vic didn’t know what would explode which was a problem for him because he couldn’t warn Syco wha... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 The Arrival On Earth

CHAPTER 12 THE ARRIVAL ON EARTH As they approached earth the view changed. What they saw was remarkable, earth reminded them of t... Read Chapter

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