Five Ways a Woman is Right For You.

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I read a news article about Five Ways a man is right for you and this guy commented on it (online article). He threw a fit about how "the guy is always the imperfect one" and how woman are imperfect as well. So, this is an article for MEN on how a women is right for them. By the way, this has no research put into it. I just used my prior knowledge of my relationships and my friends' relationships.

Also, my spelling sucks.

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



In novels written by Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon and so many others, romace explodes in heat and fire. The two main characters are intently attracted to one another, but in real life, this is not so. In real life, we have to search and search for the people we marry, or even carry on a conversation with. In this article, there are five ways, with explanations, as to how a man can tell if his woman is right for him. Though, what should be kept in mind, if you are currently in the begining stages in a relationship, there is a high possbility that you are infatuated with your significant other.


Way Number One: She expresses her affactions Publicly (i.e. with her family, with her friends or social outtings).

  • She holds your hand, her fingers laced through yours.
  • She kisses your cheek, or pecks your lips. (Women do not like to make-out or dry-hump in public).
  • She hug you, a full body front hug.
  • She will mess with you (i.e clothes <tugging on belt loops or hem of shirt>, muss your hair, play with your fingers).
  • She will let you tease her around other people, even if the teasing leads to embarrassment.

The above say the woman is comfurtable with you and is willing to let other's see how much you mean to her. She is opening up her self to you and to the rest of the world, even though she has a deeply intence fear of being hurt or judged. She's laying her heart on line by laying it open of other's to see what's inside.


Way Number Two: She lets you play games without getting angry (i.e Xbox, or teasing).

  • She will let you play games even after she's asleep
  • She will let you tease her in public and in private, about things like her clothing choice, or even sex.
  • She will let you play video games or physical games with your friend, and might even join in (in these cases, don't slow down to tell her to leave or to give her time to get caught up, this will only offend her, and you'll hear about it later).
  • She won't get angry when you tease other women, because she knows it's playful and not flirting.
  • She will let you play basketball with her boobs with random objects. She might even let you play basketball with other women, as long as she's present.

The above say she's okay with begining ignored as long as you pay attention to her while you play your games. This is not permission to go on a killing spree in MWF or COD for hours and hours on end without actknowldging her presence for more than a drink or a bit to eat.


Way Number Three: She picks up after you (she is not your maid).

  • She will clean crumbs from your clothes, or your face.
  • She will fold your clothes if they're clean.
  • She might switch laundry from Washer to Dryer, depends on who started the wash.
  • She might dust of your TV or video game council.
  • She won't mind riding in your dirty car, though she will through a few things in a bag or out the window.

The above say she likes to be clean, but will give you space to be a man if so desired.


Way Number Four: Facebook

  • She doesn't mention you in every post (i.e "I love him" "Going to the mall, I wish he was here". It shows she's not crazy obessive).
  • Sometime into the relationship, she will want a picture of of the two of you as her facebook profile.
  • She doesn't post on your wall all the time.
  • She doesn't beg for your email and password so she can "check up" on you.
  • She doesn't add all your friends and inerogate them.

This is a form of space. It means she's willing to let you do your own thing, but if she suspects cheating, she'll be more than happy to let you know.


Way Number Five: I love you.

  • She doesn't say it every five minutes.
  • She waits for you to say it (or waits a few months <over six months>).
  • She won't freak out when you're busy playing a video game and only say "Love you too".
  • Her phone banner says I love you, though directed at you, it seems less obessive.
  • She doesn't seem nervous with she says "I love you."

The above says she's giving more space and time to do as you wish, but if she's irriated with the way you're acting, she'll let you know.

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