The Vampire and The Flower

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

I don't do summaries

Table of Contents

I sat up on my knees and wiped the sweat off of my fore head. I threw the rag in the bucket of hot soapy water to arch my aching back. I ... Read Chapter

I laid on my twin mattress, my brother next to me on his. We listened to Mom laughing away with her man of night. We kept quiet as she to... Read Chapter

We huddled together under a huge pinetree, my shirt sticking to me as the rain poured down. Stephen wrapped his arms around me. "Ariel, t... Read Chapter

I grasped his hand, completely taken back. "H-hi, Sebastian." My brother stood off to the side as I stared at the dark figured in front o... Read Chapter

My brother, Stephen, and Sebastian, a host, sat in the livingroom, drinking some coffee. Sephen looked at me and smiled, his teeth seemin... Read Chapter

I wiped the sweat from my brow, and slapped my hand into the soapy water, then took the sponge and started to mop the floor on my hands a... Read Chapter

Stephen walked into his room and flipped on the light. "Jesus, Ariel, what the hell?" " my God!" I flung my ar... Read Chapter

"Where do you go?" I asked walking out of the bathroom, pulling my hair back. "When you leave for hours on end? I know you don't have a j... Read Chapter

I bit my lip as we walked into the diner where Stephen worked. I looked around and saw him with his back turned toward us. I let out a sm... Read Chapter

I stepped out of the misty bathroom, my skin tingling from the change of temperature. I looked to livingroom and saw only Sebastian. "Whe... Read Chapter

I gripped the bed sheets,my body breaking out in a cold sweat. Tears fell from eyes and I thrashed my head. I was running through a fores... Read Chapter

I sat crossed legged on Stephen's bed, eating carrots, while flipping through his Dirt Racer mag. I flipped a page and caught Stephen loo... Read Chapter

I woke up alone, as the storm ragged outside. The trees banged against the house, and the door was cracked. Light trickled inside and so ... Read Chapter

Scrubbing the pot Stephen made mash potatoes in, my mind reeled in what happened last night. The conversation was obivously private but I... Read Chapter

I opened the door for Teddi. "I don't see why you have to leave." Stephen said, grabbed her bags. I didn't say anything. I didn't really ... Read Chapter

I lay on the ground as the vampire stood above me, whipping my blood from his face. He smiled at me. "You were delicious. Too bad I was s... Read Chapter

SEBASTIAN'S POINT OF VIEW I paced the livingroom as the sun set, casing a beautiful hue across my white walls. Stephen set upon a bar... Read Chapter

I licked my lips and opened my eyes. I was surrounded by dark walls and a black quilt. I smelled the forest and AXE. Sebastian. I opened ... Read Chapter

I awoke to Sebastian petting my hair. My face was pressed to something cold and I realized it was a frozen steak. Sebastian's hand was wr... Read Chapter

I pushed my bangs out of the way as the sun beat down. Sweat trickled out of my pores and I knew I was going to be dehydrated after this.... Read Chapter

I didn't hear anything for awhile. I stood in the hot sun, my bare feet digged tiny holes in the dirt as I waited it. Then I heard somebo... Read Chapter

I fell to my knees when Zackaria let me go. One hand on the ground and the other my neck to stop the flow, I stared at Sebastian. The man... Read Chapter

Sebastian's black eyes lightened to deep brown, color seemed to flush into his cheeks as he stared at me. Zackaria and Catherina watch us... Read Chapter

The smell of chloine was the first thing I noticed. Next was the hardness of the bed and stiffness of the sheet. The rough texture of the... Read Chapter

The silence stretched on. All that could be heard was breathing. Stephen’s, the doctor’s, Sebastian’s, Teddi’s and mine. The moni... Read Chapter

The doctor shrugged. “Really, she’s miracle. I’ve been working in this unit for over twenty-five years and I’ve never seen anythi... Read Chapter

My father stayed with me for a few hours. He talked to me about what adventures to England and China. He would joke about the natives in ... Read Chapter