This I Believe.

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We did a This I Believe essay contest at my high school. This is my essay and I thought I'd share it.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013




I believe the world isn’t full of rude, ignorant people, like some people are lead to believe.  I do believe there is an over abundance of them, but because of their attitude we can truly appreciate those who are nice, caring, and patient.

When I was younger, my mother worked at a local diner as a waitress. Most days, the owner would let me come back, grab a soda, and work. I loved to do the dishes, and help my mom bus tables. All the customers would watch as I did as I was told. Some would smile while others stared.

There weren’t many people in the diner. I followed my mother to a window seat, where a guy sat alone. I peered at him, confused, behind my mother’s pant leg. He smiled at me nicely as she took his order. When my mother left, I stayed to stare at him.

I asked, “What’s that?” He looked at the, then, at giant piece of machinery in his lap.

“It’s a laptop.” He answered. I stepped closer, trying to catch a better glimpse of the screen. He turned it toward me, and I got confused.

“What are you doing with it?” I asked quickly. His smile widened at me.

He answered, “I’m doing my work. This,” he pointed to a little rectangular thing peaking out of the side, “connects me to the internet, so I ca..” I was purely amazed. I looked at it. “I only get the connection by a window though.” He explained. By now I was so in enthralled with this new device, I didn’t even care about how it worked.

My mother returned to the table with his food, which, as I recall, was eggs, toast and bacon. “Is she bothering you?” My mom asked, about ready to skirt me away, in fear of upsetting the customer.

He quickly replied, “No, she’s not. She’s just wondering about the laptop.” With that, my mother left me.

“Can I try?” I asked. The guy moved over and began to show me things. I started to move the mouse, and play games on the Internet. I was so happy. I don’t even remember my mother coming to the table with the bill. I just remember the guy packing up, not finishing a bunch of his food.

I was incredulous to that. He didn’t eat his food? But my mother is the best cook ever! He began to dig into his pocket. He handed me two one-dollar bills and said, “This one is for your pretty mom, and the second one is for you.” I grinned as he put his payment on the table.

I ran to my mother in the back. “Mom! Mom! Look at what the man gave me!” I handed her a dollar, and said, “Look! He gave me one too.” I stopped short. “Why did he give me a dollar?”

My mother shrugged, “I don’t know.” I watched the man walk away from the restaurant, still confused as to why he gave me a dollar.

I never saw him again.

I believe that caring, patient, polite people are becoming a rarity, but because of that, we begin to appreciate those who are still left.

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