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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

How "MY" life turned upside down?
Here's an advice. Never adopt a child.


 I peek under my bed, but it’s somewhere else. Once again I heard the slow, creepy knocking sound. But I don’t know where it’s coming from, I tried to ignore it but it just keeps on knocking and knocking. I glance at my alarm clock, it just ticked to 12:01 in the midnight.

I’m getting pretty tired here but I cannot sleep, it’s my fourth big yawn and I’m going downstairs to follow the sound. I creep inside mom and dad’s room but it’s definitely not in there, so I carefully close the door, not to wake them. I go to the library, study room and the garden but it’s just not there. I’m the only child that my parents have except for Donna. She is the adopted child of the family since 2 months ago and she’s 10 years old.

I admit, she is overly pampered and too picky for things. I have never been in her room even once because I would feel sick, so I walk up to the kitchen.

The kitchen stinks and I really couldn’t stand it. What’s with the smell? I’d never smelled anything like that before especially in my house. I know it must be Donna.

Actually, I have a secret. Donna is a demon. I know I sound crazy but she is crazier. Once, I caught her holding a dead chicken covered in dull red blood and some on her mouth. I asked her about the chicken, she said that our neighbour give it to her as a gift. I don’t want to ask more about it because I cannot stand the dead chicken.

Then, not more than a few weeks ago, I found her smiling to herself while looking at her teddy bear. Well, the teddy bear is another demon too. It’s totally creepy! Donna named it, Diggor and bring him everywhere. I don’t know if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me but I’ve seen the teddy bear smiling up to his ears. Have you seen a joker before? Exactly.


I tried to mention this to my parents but them, so positive, don’t want to believe it.

Donna acts like she is the real child, not me! She is the real rubbish child found from nowhere, suddenly kicking me out from the family tree. The first week, I thought she is just trying to cope around then the next week, she wants to eat everything from the refrigerator! The next week, she tried to have everything I have, then she started complaining about me and she wants her own room and her own TV!

I couldn’t stand it, even I got my own room last year when I’m 15 and she’s 10. Her room is much, much bigger then mine but I shut my mouth.

One day, she accidentally- very much on purpose- broke her TV and she blamed it on me. Mum and dad, were convinced at once and I was forced to apologise to Donna. Like ‘what’?

That’s unforgiveable! I don’t know what spell Donna put on my parents but I am 100% sure that she have a bad spirit inside. Even my parents know that I had never stepped inside her room, but this time I will.

I suddenly feel cold and scared to go but I want to and I would. She must’ve kept her potions inside! Well, what’s there to be scared about, I’ve killed Diggor.

I feel like laughing hard. Diggor’s death made Donna suffer and I could just pretend to be sad. Yesterday, I decided to take a step ahead. I grabbed Diggor from Donna and throw him in the spinning machine. In a split second, Diggor tear into million pieces.

Donna was speechless for the whole day but mum and dad never really knew what happened.

I creep into Donna’s room which is placed just beside the kitchen. A lot of creepy stickers are placed on the wall, some have weird symbols and some just shows her picture. I look at a picture beside the door, it’s Donna sleeping in a room, very dark room.

Wait, that’s not anywhere here. That’s a really dark and cramped place. She doesn’t look healthy, she’s decaying.



 I take the photo off the wall. Who took this picture? It’s not a normal paper, it’s wet and smooth. I stared at the next picture, it’s her with another woman.



Much older woman then my mum and an older guy. I take the photo and it’s the same paper.

I get goosebumps immediately. I turned around and see a big round table with the same weird symbols. A few scissors were placed on her bed… full of blood. I take a step back, what is Donna doing? Suddenly, I glimpse on very tiny little words.

It’s above her bed and it’s very tiny I’m force to step on the blood on her bed. I strain my neck really hard to read it. I don’t know how on earth Donna can write this. I manage to read the words somehow and it doesn’t make sense:


Mummy Died


Suddenly, I feel something grabbing my ankle. I screamed but there’s nothing. Oh, just photos. I thought it’s Donna or maybe… someone.

But, I just realise. Where is Donna? She’s supposed to be sleeping right on this bed, I glanced at a clock. 12:15, I’m really, really supposed to be in bed right now. And so must Donna.

I don’t have the whole night to investigate about Donna but my heart says I must.

So, I check up on her closet. All her clothes are arranged in a quite unpleaseant way and I opened a small cupboard. My jaw dropped and my nose feels like dying. This is the smell in the kitchen, the smell of dead chickens.

 I ran out from Donna’s room and my head spins. I am aiming to run to my room but how on earth did I ended up in the kitchen. The strong smell of dead chicken still lingers but I tried to search for Donna in the kitchen.

Where could she be in this cold night? Well, she would re-appear tomorrow, besides I’m terribly sleepy here. I reach to the doorknob and- what? Who locked me inside?! Oh gosh, did Donna do this?  I have never felt so scared before.



I don’t know why but suddenly I feel like apologising to Donna. Giving everything to Donna. Like I’ve made a mistake.

 Suddenly, I figure out something. My eyes expanded. Last week, I did a research on spirits. It said about someone’s death can be stopped by transferring their soul into a doll or any statue. Diggor is not a ‘he’, it’s a ‘she’. Diggor is Donna’s mum. How do I know this? Her mom feeds on chicken, dead, raw chicken. From what I read, demons and dead souls can only be survived with raw, chickens and only females can be survived with it. Males would need to eat some rare stuffs. Like the heart of a deer or the eye of a snake. But, why? What’s the purpose of her doing this?

In that dark room, that’s not her,that’s her mom. But, there’s thousands of questions still spinning in my head. But, I don’t think I could figure anything out.

 I sit down and cry a very small cry so that no one hears me. I can still hear the knocking sound but then it fades and stops. I continue to cry and I can feel someone coming closer to me.. I can feel her breath.

Then, she touch me. I gasped and look around, nobody is here. I stand up and walk around the kitchen. Where else can I go? My eyes got teary in a second and I try to hide myself under the table. I’m scared of my own sister. My own little adopted sister, I’m scared of Donna.

  I’m starting to regret about Diggor. Why did I kill her? Can’t I just stay quiet and let everything flow normally? Donna must be mad, really mad. I heard the knocking sound again and this time I know where it comes from. The laundry. It’s not a knocking sound, it’s the spinning machine.

 I got more scared and I bite my bottom lip. Wait, ghost cannot hurt me. They are just from another world, another dimension. I got my spirit back again and walk to the laundry. I open the back door and look into the machine, spinning wildly. Even a touch could bring your finger to ultimate end. I don’t know why but I look in the machine carefully. Maybe because I see some blood and furs of Diggor. When my head is an inch away from the spinning machine, I heard a familiar voice.

Like a knife scratching on a rusty steel. I know it’s Donna, she said.


 I feel a force pushing my head inside. I want to shout but I know my mouth’s gone and so is my eyes, then my nose and it all tear into pieces. Like Diggor.

Submitted: January 10, 2014

© Copyright 2022 SilverTouch. All rights reserved.

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